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new holland fork lift: will a fire in the engine bay damage

Resolved Question:

will a fire in the engine bay damage a diesel engine?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Kalamykid replied 4 years ago.

Kalamykid :

Many times yes it will. It all depends on how long the fire lasted and how hot it got. I have had engine bay fires last only 8 minutes and damage the gaskets : head oil pan, valve cover". If the fire got hot enough to melt the intake, then more then likely the enigne will need to be torn down and all new gaskets installed.

Kalamykid :

I would also replace all the bearings in the engine as they are made of copper, in most cases and this would have a much lower melting point then the alluminum intake would.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the temp was around 660 degress and was put out with water. lingth of time unknown.


Expert:  Kalamykid replied 4 years ago.
The fire had to have gotten hotter then 660 if the aluminumn intake melted, and it had to have been on fire for more the probably 10 minutes. So if you are looking to buy this enigne dont give much moey for it " less then $100.00 " as it will cost you a rebuild to get it up and running correctly. If it is already your engine, you will have to rebuild it before it will run agan correctly.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
but it is rebuildable then?
Expert:  Kalamykid replied 4 years ago.

Yes the cast steal should not have been damaged, so replaceing the bearings and gaskets and seals, should get her up and running again so she will be reliable.

Expert:  Kalamykid replied 4 years ago.
When you take the block to the machine shop they can check the block and heads to make sure there are no abnormalities caused by the fire. they can also check the all bushings and bearings for you. I have rebuilt many burnt enignes over the years, and never had a problme with rebuilding them other then soft metal parts melting " bushings bearings, gaskets and seals". While the enigne is apart, it would be a good idea to have a valve job done as well as replaceing the rings as well just to give the enigne a much longer and more dependible life.