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Plymouth Voyager: Again with my 1993 Plymouth Voyager, w/2.5

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Again with my 1993 Plymouth Voyager, w/2.5 4 cyl. no ABS

I recently had rear brakes replaced, immediately after the left rear wheel cylinder/brake air bound.. the other three wheels OK... if you clamp off the brake line to the left wheel brakes are fine/good pedal... remove the clamp pedal to the floor, no brakes.... drums good, new brakes, new brake hose/line to left rear wheel, new master cylinder,... just can't bleed that left rear wheel /brake cylinder.. nothing but air.. What can I do????

Thank You Andrew T. Menniti
If you are repeatedly getting air into the left rear wheel cylinder, then you probably have a bad wheel cylinder. If a wheel cylinder is not sealing internally it can draw in air past the rubber cups inside the cylinder when it is on the return stroke.
By clamping off the fluid flow to that wheel you have good brake pedal, so the problem is obviously in that wheel somewhere. I would try another wheel cylinder.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I thank you for your help... we will try a new wheel cylinder tomorrow.. Your response was excellent, I hope it works... Sound right considering the problem occured immedietely after brakes were replaced


THANK YOU ANDREW T. MENNITI May I follow up with you Thursday?



Sure; I would love to hear how you make out. I really think the wheel cylinder may be causing your problem, if air is repeatedly entering that hydraulic circuit.
I'll check back later tomorrow.

Good luck!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Steve Sorry to be so late.. I was at garage today... told them what you said to try.. put in new wheel cylinder, no change... What was tried today.. anti sway valve, this was the valve connected to the left rear spring.. by-passed it completely.. still no luck bleeding left rear wheel. proportional valve, unit in front right drivers side by steering box took it apart all looked good removed internal cylinder / sleeve o rings ok, left it out just to try to bleed no luck same outcome, left wheel air... put everything back normal tried new master cylinder, maybe one put in the other day defected still no change. now remove lines from master cylinder, plug where line fittings go on cylinder.. pedal up hook lines back up to master cylinder... no pedal???? going crazy... this is a simple brake system.. we ruled out any leaks in lines where we are not able to see them, like over gas tank... if a line was bad i think we would not have had a good pedal when we clamped off the left rear wheel as lines are before the clamp... ???? What do you think???? Thanks Drew

In your original question you stated that you repeatedly are getting air out of the left rear wheel cylinder when you bleed it; is this still the case?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Steve, It turned out to be I believe its called an anti-sway valve located on the left side and attaches to the front of the rear spring.... It was a guess all the way... Just thought it may be that since the problem was at the rear of brake lines..... Everything appears to be fine now.... Crazy!!!