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Isuzu Rodeo: 2000 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L V6 Trouble Codes P1125 P1295

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2000 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L V6 Trouble Codes P1125 P1295 P1515
Running very sluggish, not getting above 45mph and very poor acceleration. Most i can get TPS to read on code reader/drive monitor is to open up to 42% instead of WOT(which should get close to 90-98% i would think),the tac will never redline with the pedal all the way to the floor in park/neutral or otherwise.
Already completed-
New:wires/boots, fuel filter, fuel regulator, new TPS, cleaned throttle body and replaced gasket,new PCV,new MAP, cleaned MAF, cleaned EGR Valve & replaced gasket,new catalytic converter, all O2 sensors are testing as fine.

this is a drive by wire no throttle cable correct ?

what is the AP sensor 1 and AP sensor 2 and AP sensor 3 reading at rest with your foot off the gas pedal with the ignition key on?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thats correct no throttle cable. I notice with just the engine cranked in park it's idling at anywhere from 1200-1800 rpm then it will occasionally drop into the normal 700-900 range. The TP monitor reads 0% at this time, strange since i would think it would read at about 10% or so.

can you monitor all 3 of the AP sensors with the scan tool ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will try after I leave work today. I dont know if my reader has that capability I have the Actron reader. Is this a common problem you have addressed before?


we have seen bad connectors and connections at either the gas pedal assembly the throttle body, bad throttle body's and bad gas pedal assemblies

if you follow this it will lead you to the problem

Steps 2 - 5


Steps 6 - 8


Step 9


DTC P1125 ETC (Electric throttle control) Limit Performance Mode


Circuit Description


  • The acceleration position (AP1) sensor circuit provides a voltage signal relative to acceleration pedal angle.

The acceleration pedal angle will vary about 13 % at idle position to about 87 % at wide open throttle (WOT).

This code detects if the system is in Limit Performance Mode and Multiple DTC Performance Mode. (Fail safe Mode)

Conditions for setting the DTC

  • The Ignition is ON ".
  • Limit Performance Mode is active. (Fail safe Mode)

Action Taken When the DTC Sets

  • The PCM will store condition which were present when the DTC was set as Freeze Frame and in the Failure Records data.

Conditions for Clearing the MIL/DTC

  • The PCM will turn the MIL "OFF " on the third consecutive trip cycle during which the diagnostic has been run and the fault condition is no longer present.
  • A history DTC P1125 will clear after 40 consecutive trip cycle during which the warm up cycles have occurred without a fault.
  • DTC P1125 can be cleared using the Tech 2 "Clear Info" function or by disconnecting the PCM battery feed.

Diagnostic Aids
An intermittent may be caused by the following:

  • Poor connections.
  • Mis routed harness.
  • Rubbed through wire insulation.
  • Broken wire inside the insulation. Check for the following conditions:
  • Poor connection at PCM-Inspect harness connectors for backed out terminals, improper mating, broken locks, improperly formed or damaged terminals,and poor terminal to wire connection.
  • Damaged harness-Inspect the wiring harness for damage. If the harness appears to be OK, observe the APP sensor 1, APP sensor 2, APP sensor 3 display on the Tech 2 While moving connectors and wiring harnesses related to the sensor.

A change in the display will indicate the location of the fault.If DTC P1125 cannot be duplicated,the information included in the Failure Records data can be useful in determined vehicle mileage since the DTC was last set.

If it is determined that the DTC occurs intermittently,performing the DTC P1125 Diagnostic Chart may isolate the cause of the fault.

Gary and 2 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks I will be trying all of these this afternoon and possibly in the morning. I will let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for the very detailed information.


you can always get me back through this post with any follow up any time with this problem even after you rate us here at Justanswer!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

On my lunch break went out and checked the Rodeo.. here is what the ODB II code reader is putting out.. I don't think this reader that has AP1 AP2 or AP2 capabilities.


ABSOLUTE TPS- 0% (idling @ 1100-1250)



MAF-(HG) 2.72


IAT- 108F









O2 ST11- 0.05

O2 ST12-0.045

O2 ST21- 0.375

O2 ST22- 0.36




When the gas pedal is pushed all the way to the floor the Absolute TPS percent only gets up to 42% and the RPM is only around 4200


ok now do step 5
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, we ordered the APS since that was the only thing that was giving up intermittent reading on the voltage..It will be here on or before Wednesday. I will let you know if that finally corrects the problem.