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2004 Navigator

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I am thinking of buying a fully loaded, beautifully maintained 2004 Navigator with 129,500 miles on it. Alternator replaced in 2012, new battery in 2011. Driven by a female who babied the car. How many miles do the 2004s typically last? And, is there any extended warranty available for it? Thanks!

Hello and welcome to Just Answer! The Navigators are great vehicles. Ford has been making the 5.4l engine for some time and really has it perfected to rock solid reliability. I have seen many over the 200,000 mark and even one with 260,000 on the clock.

With that said the most common problem on these is a VERY common Ford problem which is the DPFE sensor (it measures EGR flow) They usually go out around every 50,000 miles due to the heat they are subject to. The good news is It's less than 100.00 to replace and will not effect driveability, just set the check engine light.

If you get the truck I would recommend getting the battery load tested as 3 years is kinda getting close to the end of a battery's life span.

I would also recommend swinging by a Ford dealer and asking hem to run an Oasis report. They will use the VIN # XXXXX make sure there are no open recalls. Just a preventative measure.

I'll post the technical service bulletins below for you. They describe things that may happen that the dealer will correct at little to no cost to you.


If the price is right I highly suggest these vehicles. Click here if you would like to look up the blue book value.

Technical Service Bulletins

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have read some customers complain about the air suspension going out on these. Any experience? The price is $7000, states the private seller price to be $6896. Also, do you know of any warranty companies that sell a warranty when the mileage is over 100k?

I haven't seen but a few with air suspension problems and those were with height sensor problems. The height sensors are about 200.00 and around a half hour labor to install. The air springs on them are pretty reliable (I think Lincoln learned a lot on those from the problems the town cars had.
As far as warranties go I am not aware of any that will cover any with over 100,000 miles. I can say that in my experience when working on customers vehicles that did have these warranties it was VERY hard to get the warranty companies to cover the claims.
7000 seems like a fair deal to me, especially if it's in good shape. You may want to spend a few dollars and get a Carfax report to see if any major repairs were done as well as routine maintenance.
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