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Hummer H2: On a Hummer H2 2004, what is a ballpark cost for

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On a Hummer H2 2004, what is a ballpark cost for replacing all brake lines and hoses with stainless steel lines, also the calipers/bleeder bolts to the brakes? The original brake lines are corroded/rusted, several have just burst and the others are near to bursting. I would like an estimate of the parts/materials and the labor needed to install them, please.

Ok, a couple of quick questions to better help me in getting up an estimate for you.

ABS or non-ABS(makes a difference in configuration of lines)?

Standard brake hoses or stainless steel braided hoses?

Are you wanting price on calipers themselves or just the banjo bolt that connects the brake hose to the caliper?

I see you have viewed the request for more information. We have had some site problems, so if you have replied with the needed information, I am sorry for the inconvienance, but could you do so again.

If you havent, I do need this information if you are wanting an accurate estimate of cost involved.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Yes, I have already replied at length.


In summary:


I am told that there are 22-23 lines that need to be replaced.


Also all hoses, nipples, calipers, bleeder bolts need to be replaced.


They should be replaced with stainless steel.


The car has ABS


sorry about the site problems that lost your reply

Ok, give me about 10 minutes to get the prices together.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Please include a reasonable labor cost for removing the old lines, cleaning the connections, etc, and installing all the new lines, nipples, calipers, hoses, bleeder bolts.


Ok, here is what you should be looking at.

Parts - stainless steel(SS) lines, braided SS hoses, polished SS calipers with SS bleeder screws and banjo bolts - $2416

Labor to replace, including cleaning, routing new lines, removing old lines and then bleeding brake system - 10.3 hours - depending upon a shop's hourly labor rate(every shop sets theirs according to their overhead needs), this will be $930 to $1080 for labor charges as labor rates avg between $90 to $110 per hour at independent shops

So total will run $3346 to $3496 parts and labor.

The estimate given to you by the one shop is towards the high end, but acceptable.

Taking it to a H2 dealer will add about $300 more in labor cost as dealer labor rates are even higher at around $135 per hour now.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thanks for your email. As I said in my on line feedback, I found your
answer helpful more as a reference point than for it's specific accuracy.I have received two other estimates and both have a much lower estimate of the parts costs (about $500) and a much higher estimate of the labor cost (about 24 hours or $3000).