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chev 2500hd: my 02 chev 2500 truck 6.0 l gas is overheating

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my 02 chev 2500 truck 6.0 l gas is overheating after about 15min. of driving it. coolant level is good ,fan an water pump are turning,just started happning after sitting idle for 3 months,gauge maxs out an it does seem hot, top rad. hose is hot too,does it have a thermostat doesnt look like it does,has abut 140,000 m on it an uses about a qt of oil every 2000 m thks.
how hot will the gaueg show ?will it only happen at idle or very slow sppeds?will it happen only when driving at speed ?
does it ever push out coolant out the radiator cap ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i havnt tried it just by idling it .but the 2 times i drove it only about 2 miles from home th guage would go up too a little under 200d then just like that jump too 260d an yes it would push out fluid.

ok the first thing you need to do is make sure the coolant is full and the fan is turning good
if both are ok the next step is going to be to make sure nothing is in front of the radiator blocking air flow
if thats good replaced the thermostat that should solve your problem
now keep in mind that thermostat is part of the housing as once piece

Important: The thermostat is not serviceable separately. The water pump inlet and thermostat must be replaced as an assembly.

  1. Remove the radiator outlet hose.
  2. Remove the water pump inlet bolts.
  3. Remove the water pump inlet and thermostat from the water pump.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thks for the advice, it turned out wen i took the bottom rad. hose off ,hardly any coolant came out ,the resevore was full but somehow not filling the radiator,over the 3 mon. i didnt use it it must have leaked out,is there a way t get the coolant into the radiator faster ,i tried taking the small hose off the radiator t get the air out an fill faster but it wont.

just fill it and run it up 1200 rpm until the air burps out and watch the temp gauge