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I have a 2003 Saturn L200 with 158k miles on it. It just recently star

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I have a 2003 Saturn L200 with 158k miles on it. It just recently started having problems, the first was that we could not get the new keyless entry fobs to progam to the car, that was about 3 months ago. Now the transmission is not engaging properly, tho the engine is running fine.
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You don't mention how you were trying to program the new key fobs, but a GM Tech2 scan tool is needed to program key fobs. If you were using a scan tool and they wouldn't program then make sure they are the correct part number, the batteries are good, and test the output of the fobs with an RF detector if necessary.

If the transmission won't engage then it could be out of fluid, have an internal failure, or you could have a failed CV joint. First attempt to push the car with the trans in park and see if it will roll or you feel a hard mechanical lock. If you are able to push it in park then it's likely you have a broken CV joint, but it could also be a failure in the final drive section of the trans.

If it won't push then check the fluid level. If the fluid is full then it has an internal issue, either hydraulic or mechanical breakage.

A plugged trans filter can cause lack of engagement but usually it will at least engage briefly when cold. If this sounds like your issue then you might try replacing the trans filter and see if that helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Programming of key fobs was tried at a dealer, dealer was unable to get them to work. As for the transmission I wasn't clear so I appologize. The transmission engages, but shifts through the gears very rapidly, going all the way to OD by the time the speed is about 30mph. It also wont downshift if you apply the accelerator to for example try to pass or go up hill. The engine continues to run at the same rpm(about 2200) but the transmission wont engage to a lower gear to accelerate, it will actually lose power. No engine Codes since I replaced the MAP.

If the fobs wouldn't program then they either have bad batteries, they are incorrect or they aren't transmitting. Did the dealer investigate why they wouldn't work? You can check the batteries with a voltmeter, and the fobs can be tested for free at Autozone.

Some transmission data will need to be looked at on a scan tool to determine what the shift problem is. It sounds like it could be seeing an incorrect throttle position signal making it think the throttle is open much less than actual.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The dealership that tried to program the fobs is who told us the BCM was failing. Is a special scan tool required to check for codes in the PCM? I've checked for codes with a OBD II scanner and none have come up since I replaced the MAP. Should I just replace the TPS and see if that corrects the issue?

You said that the BCM had been replaced. Was this before or after the fobs didn't program? I assumed it was after, hence not naming it as a possible cause. Were they still unable to program the fobs with the new BCM?

Any OBDII code reader or scan tool can check for fault codes in the PCM. It would be best to monitor the TPS with a scan tool and see if there is really a problem with it's signal before replacing it, but you can try replacing it if that's not an option for you.