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Suzuki Grand Vitara: I have a 2000 Grand Vitara, in the past

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I have a 2000 Grand Vitara, in the past year I have had to replace the clutch 3 times. Two different repair shops have done the work & all parts have been replaced. The car was off the road most of the year. The clutch went again this morning. Any secret with the Suzuki clutches that the mechanics in my area don't know?

so when you say the clutch went do you mean you put it in gear let out the clutch and the car will not move?or it moves slow and just revs up ?

is this a JLX ?JLS ?LTD ? 4WD ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When I push the clutch, the gears grind but will not move. Can change gears when the car is turned off but not when running. It is 4wd

ok when this happens what you are describing is the clutch disc is NOT being released off of the flywheel where the disc is always against the flywheel

its not the clutch disc or the pressure plate causing this problem but either a clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder NOT releasing the disc when you step on the clutch pedal

what model is this?LTD?JLS?JLX?

was the clutch slave cylinder or clutch master cylinder ever changed ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the slave cylinder & master cylinder have both been replaced. I don't know about the LTD.JLS,JLX never heard that & do not know where to check.


when pumping the brake pedal do you see the slave cylinder moving the lever out of the transmission? Is the clutch fluid low ?

how many masters and slaves have been put in this ? were they original Suzuki parts ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The clutch fluid is not low. Can not check the brake pedal now because I am here alone. 2 masters & 2 slaves. They were not Suzuki parts because we do not have a place around here to get them.

try bleeding the clutch system and see if it will work again

if it does you will have to order online Suzuki master and clutch slave and install them and bleed

it has to be getting air in that system from one or the other

that's the only explanation for air getting into the clutch hydraulic system

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