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RL: Hi, I have acura RL 3.5 2000. The VSA light always comes

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Hi, I have acura RL 3.5 2000. The VSA light always comes on after I start the engine and move and the steering wheel (some strange sound comes along when I hitting a gas or brake, it sounds and acts like "abs", brake pedal pushes back several times,and assists brake stopping the car), then the VSA light comes on with caution triangle box (!). My tires are almost 90% out of treads, brake pads are almost going out as well.
How can I fix that VSA light, or at least is there any way I can turn that thing off forever?
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There are quite a few things that can cause this. Your first step in diagnosing the problem is going to be using a capable code reader or scan tool to see what fault codes are setting in the ABS module.

From your description it sounds like the ABS is activating when it shouldn't, which is often the result of a weak wheel speed sensor. If a sensor is weak it will start producing a signal at a higher speed than 0 mph, generally in the 3-5 MPH range. If the ABS module sees this weak sensor drop out before the rest it will think that wheel locked up and the ABS will come on.

The warning light coming on tells you that the ABS module is seeing the problem and has set one or more fault codes that will be needed to start diagnosis.

If you wanted to disable ABS and VSA operation permanently you could unplug the module or remove it's fuse, but the warning lights would always stay on.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The thing is, ABS works fine but only VSA. VSA malfunctions, I don't think it's completely not working, actually VSA is trying to function. But it makes strange sound as if it's preventing the vehicle from skidding then the light comes on with "caution signed" light. Whole after acceleration. I mean when I start the engine: nothing is wrong. But when I start driving, when I hit acceleration pedal, and roll the wheel left or right, the problem comes.



Stability Assist is a function of the ABS system and it uses all the existing components of the ABS system. The ABS pump and hydraulic control unit is used to apply the brakes as necessary, it uses the ABS wheel speed sensors to monitor wheel speed. Since the warning light is coming on your first step in diagnosing the problem is to see what fault codes are set and testing can be done based on that. If you can find out what codes are set and let me know I can help you determine what is going on.