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Nissan Maxima: Hi there I have a 2002 maxima 6speed with a

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Hi there I have a 2002 maxima 6speed with a vibration problem. it happens during acceleration and starts faintly in 2nd gear approaching 3000rpms then in 3rd its felt the strongest from 2000-3000 rpms but it kinda smooths out approaching 3000. in 4th its faint. on highways cruising in 5th gear its felt but it feels more like having a nick on the race of a bearing. I've got new tires, steering rack and outer rods, alignment and left axle. I feel like the right axle might be bad at the inner housing. How can I check this? Is there anything else that could be causing the shaking?
Here one way to narrow down where the shake is coming from.

1. Does it shake if you press in the Clutch at highway speeds?
If it still shakes then its not in the Transmission.

Since you have already replaced so much it is possible to have a bad CV joint. You could also have a warped brake rotor or a bent wheel.

I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'll check the rotors, but wouldnt that cause a vibration constantly and even more during braking? I dont have to push the clutch in for the vibration to stop, I just have to take my foot off the gas. Also noticed that when I'm on a hilly backroad and I take an incline or come off a decline to level surface, I can feel the vibration when the suspension is compressed. Also very faintly when I crest a hill and the suspension expands. Thanks for the response.

The Rotors was just an idea :)

It sounds like a bad CV joint.

Have you check your wheel bearing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the bearings had no up and down play but did have a slight side to side play which lead me to find the leak in the steering rack. Should I inspect them more thoroughly than just by that? Does that inner 'housing' on the axle just contain a cv joint in there or is there more to it, cause the housing is pretty big. I get a feeling this might be where the problem is. the passenger axle that is

Side to side play is Ok. The play is just the steering moving. The leak is unrelated also. The CV joint contains weights and special joints that allow for turning. It is not recommended that you take it apart :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yeah I wasnt gonna take it apart I was just gonna replace the whole axle this weekend. When I remove it will it be more evident that its possibly what was causing the problem? Being that it shakes alot, if it were say the trannys axle input bearing, wouldnt it leak alot when driven?

I would think it would leak yes.

Just had a thought...A worn Engine or Transmission mount could cause it to shake too.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well I changed the right axle and its fixed. The inner joint had alot of play when I pulled it out. Thanks for ur input.

Anytime my friend :)