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Chery V5 Crosseastar: Hi guys, I am facing some issues with

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Hi guys,

I am facing some issues with my current drive. It's an auto transmission gear with a Mitsubishi 4G64 2.4L engine, the car was Chery V5 or some called it V5 Crosseastar.

The issue of my car is that every morning or after I have stop the car, not driving it for few hours and once I start to drive on the road, the transmission gear will start to have changing problem.

During the above mention period, when I step on the gas, I can feel that the gear changing is not smooth (it was like the transmission was trying to go up to next gear, but was unable to do so) and the car will jerk a bit. When I tried to step more gas, the engine stalled with the engine light lights up.

Then when I re-start the engine, the engine light wills goes off and I have no problem driving the car. I have sent to the workshop and they can’t rectify the problem. I hope you guys are able to enlighten me, what is the problem.

Thank you.
Greetings JACUSTOMER, Did repair shop supply stored fault codes in both PCM and TCM?? If so what we're they please. The fact that cycling the key resets system and operation indicates it may be a very common and inexpensive solution. Please supply fault codes and I will diagnose for you...thanks...Jeff
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Jeffrey,


I was been told by the workshop that there was a code indicating that the cam shaft sensor having problem. it was reset by the workshop. No problem for the first two days after re-setting. The problem comes back again on the third day.

Ok...thanks for the added. Info.. When you say the shop reset it do you mean replaced the sensor...or they just cleared the fault code and then it returns after several days?? Thanks...Jeff
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Jeffrey,


They just reset it and the problem came back within 2 days.



Hello Again Yap, I would lean towards the sensor being faulty ...albeit intermittent and having to do with engine /transmission operating temperature. There are numerous fault codes for the cam sensor, which is the reason I requested the numeric code instead of them telling you its just a cam sensor code and resetting it. My advice at this point would be to have another shop scan the PCm and TCM and supply you with detailed code info (text and numeric info)..If this is a problem or if you prefer to have the same shop continue the repairs, request the info as I have outlined and post it so I can diagnose it for you. Codes will be in the following format...P for Powertrain and 4 to 6 #'s. (ie. P0715 would be a speed sensor code). I would say replace the sensor and see if it fixes the problem...But I dont like to guess or spend my customers $$ unnecessarily. They should have no problem supplying the needed info since they have to scan the vehicle to find out the sensor is the problem area to begin with...I am standing by to assist whenever you are ready...Thanks...Jeffrey
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Jeffrey,


Have send my car to other workshop, found that the cam shaft sensor damaged, transmission gearbox also faulty, need to overhaul and change all the electrical parts, as recommended by the workshop.


It costs me about SGD$3k plus..... no choice, but really desperate to get the problems solve once and for all.


BTW, thank you for your advice Jeffrey.

Greetings Yap, Glad I could be of help to you...Sorry to hear of major expense ...If I can assist further please let me know..Also when you are very satisfied with my assistance please rate me that you were pleased with my answers...thank you...jeff