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Ryan-CTech, Auto Service Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Technical-minded multi-skilled auto mechanic with over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of repairing, maintaining and servicing a diverse range of automobiles.
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landrover defender: landrover defender 130 tdi 96 model has

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landrover defender 130 tdi 96 model has had a new engine rebuilt 18 months ago. problem with overheading when pulling a caravan 1400kg in 40 degree heat. also oil 241 km needed to refill with 1 1/2 litres of oil.
It has had a new head new valve guides new temp. guage tried everything baffled please help with your suggestions.

Yegarboy :

Hi and welcome to JA!

Yegarboy :

Overheating while pulling a load is usually a sign of a plugged Radiator. Have the cooling system flushed or the Radiator repaired by a shop. You may also have a bad fan or a sticking thermostat.

Yegarboy :

Using that much oil can be a symptom of the overheating. It could be seeping past the valves or leaking from a gasket. Check the valve covers for leaks.

Yegarboy :

Check the ground for oil spots too. The drips can give you a good idea as to where the oil is leaking.

Yegarboy :

Please reply with any questions you may have. I am here to help in any way I can. Please Rate Excellent Service if this has answered your question :)

Ryan-CTech, Auto Service Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 541
Experience: Technical-minded multi-skilled auto mechanic with over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of repairing, maintaining and servicing a diverse range of automobiles.
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Hey there,


You can reply in here. Sorry for the tech error.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Radiator has been flushed out twice. 2 thermostats has been replaced over two years. Viscus coupling fan has been checked and is working alright. Bran new head was installed just before xmas completed with all valves and springs and gaskets. with the old head the valves guides were oval shaped and was using a lot of oil, this shouldn't be happening with the new head. We do have an oil leak on the ground which is coming from the oil filter. A service was done about 3 weeks ago checked oil last sunday and had to put in a litre and a half of oil and only did 321 km. A new tempt. gauge was installed a VDO is it possible the sender could be faulty. Any more suggestions. Thanks

Its possible the water pump is going bad. One way to check it is to grab the Fan and try to shake it. If play is felt the pump bearing is bad. Also, make sure you are running the correct Anti freeze in the system. Water alone can cause it to run hot.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Water pump is brand new and yes we have anti freeze cooling in the radiator

Well thats everything I can think of. I will open your question to all Experts. Good luck my friend. :)
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to help & advise you on this... As the previous expert has opted out - we can carry on from here..

Before I offer suggestions as to the causes of your troubles.. can I just ask.. have the excess oil usage issues only occurred after the head was replaced?

Exactly how hot is the gauge showing ? and has the actual temp been checked independently?

Too - I note above that after each suggestion was proffered, you replied by saying such / each had already been done.. Therefore to save time all round, please ensure you tell me all that has been done / parts replaced etc here -in your reply to inc the answers to the above -

Kind Rgds, MIKE................................
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Firstly the engine was rebuilt in June 2012 new parts included the following:- pistons, rings, big ends, small ends, new water pump, new temp gauge, new injector pump, new turbo, head was cleaned and checked for cracks and valves re-seated, the engine re-build was built at 420,000km. while under warranty we found it was using excessive oil and water, we tried a thicker diesel oil but it kept using oil, about a litre of oil a 1000km after taking to four local mechanics they all said the valve guides were faulty, the head was taken off and I saw that the valve guides were egg shaped they were replaced, the head was put on and oil was still being used and water was still being lost. I took the landrover to KLR Landrover dealer and he said that the head at 420,000km should be thrown away because they become to soft, a new head was put on clocked 4000km and found that the water was ok but I used 1/2 litre of oil. I did a service at 5,000km I clocked 320km and found I had to put 1 1/2 litres of oil in the engine. A new head was installed along with a new water pump and a new thermostat was replaced and a new VDO temp. guage was installed. While on xmas holiday the guage was showing temp of 130 deg in 40 deg heat while towing a caravan of approx. 1400kg. We also found that the car was over fuelling and blowing out a lot of black smoke on to the front of the van. Klr knows about the black smoke and is going to adjust the timing to reduce the black smoke. Before the re-build the engine never used any oil and every 5000km service it would show full on the dipstick before it was drained. The only issue I had was loss of water which indicated a head gasket. Before the re-build the temp gauge would show normal when pulling a van on hot days its only since the re-build we have been having these problems.

The only reason I went for a complete re-build was so that it would last till I retired.


To answer your question we were losing oil with the old head on and new head on.


New temp gauge has not yet been independently checked thinking it may be a faulty sendor. how would I check to see if it is faulty?


Many thanks for your help.




Hello Ken..

Thank you for your reply and further info..that is all excellent thank you...

It seems to me that you have more than one issue here.. one the overheating -and two, the excess oil usage.

I'll just mention at this point Ken, the best way to "test" the sensor, is to renew it - they are not expensive... and "testing" them is never really conclusive.. so renew that and have done - you will know for sure then - be sure to use a LR supplied one though - as aftermarket ones can be troublesome...

As regards XXXXX XXXXX temp independently - by that I meant, with separate meter / tester on and around the engine / cooling system etc -

The radiator should be hot ( at temp) all over too - I dont know as this hasn't been mentioned at all above - but, that needs to be checked.. If its cold or cooler in certain areas.. it does look like a blocking rad - coupled with your symptoms. Bear in mid Ken, that you can flush a radiator and it all looks good - you have clean water coming through out the pipe hole - but the rad as you will likely know, is made up of fins... and you can have 50% (or whatever ) of those totally clogged - but the water still appears to flow "normally" out the hose hole -- because its flowing through all the other fins...and you just dont know that... Given the overall mileage on the vehicle - its not unusual to have a clogging rad in this way. In "normal" use, it copes ok - but it wont when towing...not if its clogging in several just hasn't got the water flow...but again - you dont know that because you cant see it. So check it for heat all over - if there are any doubts - any cold / cool areas - ie, its not uniform all over with the heat - it is suspect as above.

This as has been mentioned can account for the excess oil usage - if the engine is running very hot - because of lack of coolant flow- it will actually use the oil as a coolant and burn it off.. Thats one theory on the oil usage.. The other -is that there is a problem with the engine in itself - when rebuilt. For starters , the engine breather system should be thoroughly checked - a clogging breather system will cause excess oil usage. One would expect to see some blue smoke with general oil burning -but not always... so you have to bear that in mind... it can be a problem with one of the oil control rings - it wouldn't be the first time a fitter has incorrectly fitted the oil control rings - or even broken one in fitting - Too, you can have a fault in one of the bores - not scored properly etc so it burns the oil -- To some extent this can be checked by using a bore scope - remove the injectors and check each cylinder. Excess oil can be seen in the bores (and of course excess shine on the bores ) if this is the case... so it should be checked that way for that.

I would just say at this point that using thicker engine oil can do more harm than good -so dont be tempted to do that...ensure its using the correct grade oil for the said engine to be sure of its proper usage...

So consider all the above Ken - thats the way forward on this one... You have done all the other things that should have been done - the rest is as above now.. Let me know how you get on Ken.

Let me know if you need anything more on this at all - Im always happy to help as much as needed -

Meantime -- Please click on the OK rating to Excellent ratings service for me now, Thank you for that... and you can get back to me anytime if you need / wish..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Please note, you are rating the content of my "answer" - my help to you - not the "system" which can experience delays etc which are not under my personal control -or delays caused by "time -off" which we all have on occasion - Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mike thanks for this information I will be looking into this shortly.

If I do the rating now but need to ask you something else do we

have to pay another fee.

Thanks Ken