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susuki verona: I have a Suzuki Verona six cylinder 2005..i

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I have a Suzuki Verona six cylinder 2005..i have a few codes..p0650, 0128,0305,0306,0304,0300,0133,0152,0153,0175,0132,0650
Hi,how are you?How is the vehicle running?Also did this just happen one day,meaning did the check engine light just pop on?Any recent work performed?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

runs pretty good..a little rough at idle butnot bad..kinda hesitates when taking off from a stop..but not all the tme..I was surprised how well it ran for all the codes..I know these codes are some misfires on cylinders and o2 sensors. don't know much about this thermostat issue..

.I bought it at auction for relsale..want to get it running well and pass emissions..would rather buy after market parts except o2 sensors..just to much of a pain to with after market unless you have a better way.

Ok,here is what i suggest is a first step,have the ecm reset/re flashed.From the amount of codes that you have and the fact that the engine still runs pretty good does not add up.The 305,306,and the 304 codes are all misfires for cylinder 4,5,and 6 so literally the vehicle is should be running very bad as it would be firing on only 3 cylinders.The thermostat code would be associated with the vehicle overheating or never getting up to operating temp.You would not see much difference with the o2 sensor codes running wise but it would fail emissions.What this sounds like is the vehicles computer has been replaced from a donor vehicle and these are whats known as false codes,the re flash/reprogram cures this issue.Have this done and see if any codes come back,this is performed by a dealer scan tool,or a independent shop that has a scan tool with the proper software.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

first reset ecm...second..replace 02 sensors with OEM parts, then what should I do about the thermostat..I believe the code was not coming up to temp..not overheat..also what about that hesitation when initiating gas from a stop>

First reset the ecm and drive for at least 25 miles,then rescan the vehicle this will be enough time for any codes to reset.Before replacing anything follow this process so you are not replacing unneeded parts.If the o2 sensor codes come back,yes replace the o2 sensors with OEM parts.If the thermostat code comes back,this code will only come up when the thermostat has failed,so replace the thermostat if the code comes back.Next the hesitation can come from the thermostat being below threshold because the cooling system is not flowing properly.LAst since the vehicle was bought through an auction run a bottle of lucas complete fuel system cleaner through the system.The fuel injectors could have carbon deposits from time and miles which can also cause the hesitation.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

dealers charge a lot for resets on ECM..can your local mechanic or autoparts store, or even petboys do this..

It would have to be a independent shop that had a scan tool that had the proper software,a local mechanic could do this it would just take finding the correct one,a parts store would not have the proper equipment.
Mike Kelly and 7 other Car Specialists are ready to help you