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chysler conquest: I have a 1988 chrysler conquest that im doing

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I have a 1988 chrysler conquest that im doing a 2jz swap. I have the engine, computer and harness. I have the bigger intercooler piping. Ive retro-fitted the gas oil and ac lines. I have an ebay walbro 255 lph pump. Ive gotten new electric fans.
Im waiting on a r154 transmission. my question is this. being that at the mention of toyota supra everything gets expensive. what other vehicles does the r154 reside in? that way i might get it cheaper.

Dr. Hamman :

Hi, I am a professional certified mechanic, with an engineering background, and 35+ years experience. I will do my best to assist you. Also keep in mind I don't know if you are a pro or a novice so we may have to fine tune the answer. Feel free to add any additional info you feel is needed as we go on. Always keep in mind that I am here to help you with any questions.

The R154 transmission used in the MKIII Supra Turbo, Toyota Chaser Tourer V, Toyota Mark II Tourer V, Toyota Cresta Tourer V, and Toyota Soarer turbo. The supra was the only model I believe that was sold in the US. BotXXXXX XXXXXne is you don’t have a lot of transmission choices, the few you have in the US are the factory R154 transmission. or adapt to another type of transmission. The problem is the adapters are expensive. The two adapters I have seen adapt the GM automatic type transmissions (great for drag racing), or the other adapts the 350Z Nissan transmission. There isn’t any cost savings here, just flexibility on what type transmission you can use. I have a few links for you, the link HERE is for the adapter for a GM transmission, and the link HERE scroll down to the 7th post, some info on the Nissan type adapter. For the Nissan adapter you would probably have to join the forum, and see if this guy is still offering them. If you have any more questions, as always, I am here to help. Good luck with it, have a great day, and Thanks for using Just Answer.

I do not get paid for my work unless you rate me at OK service or better. If the answer is not clear, let me know what additional help you need, and I will be happy to assist you further. A bonus and positive rating are always greatly appreciated, good luck and Thanks.


thanks , i want a stick because the original car is a 5 speed . the 350 z seems the way to go . any particular year ?oh i forgot to mention i have the 2j/1j bellhousing

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