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Volvo XC90: I bought a used xc90 5 months ago, within 2days

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I bought a used xc90 5 months ago, within 2days a message urgent transmition service required, we were driving at 65 mph when there was a click sound and a slight pull on the car, however when we reached a roundabout and stopped the car went into limp mode but if you switch engine off then restart it pulls out fine, i was told new transmition needed so that's what we got however 5 months on car is at the same garage (theyve had it in their possession longer i have )and no one knows what's wrong -
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help with your question. Let me first ask, Do you know what codes are stored for the transmission? If you got a "Transmission Service Urgent" message, then you do have a trouble code stored in the TCM, and to properly diagnose the concern, Knowing what codes are stored is first.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We haven't been given any codes but now the mechanic has removed the ecu and said that it needs replacing they have given the car back (minus ecu) and is obtaining a new one and will inform us of the cost!!! Is the car safe to drive whilst waiting ?
I assume he means the TCM (Transmission Control Unit) When he says ECU. You can't drive the vehicle without the TCM connected, it won't shift. Also, inform him that if he replaces the TCM, he will have to download software into the new unit. As a new TCM does not come pre-loaded with software that it needs to function.

Is this a trained Volvo technician? He should know this if so.
If it isn't a trained Volvo technician, Then I would get it into the hands of a trained Volvo Tech, or at least a most prominent transmission repair shop. That specializes in Transmissions. As these are fairly advanced units and require advanced scan tools to read codes and download software to make the unit function correctly.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The garage is a transmission garage, having checked the mileage from when we purchased to yesterday it appears our car has done 1351 miles, we can only account for approx 150 - It looks like the garage has been using my car that's why 5 months later its still the same except the extra mileage. Thank you for your time.

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