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I have had a 1988 Chinook Class B for three years. It has

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I have had a 1988 Chinook Class B for three years. It has been a sweetheart and has not missed a beat.
The odometer has just over 75K and a new short block was installed at 58K. This past year (2012) I let the
old girl set for about 6 months without starting the engine. To get her started I had to remove the air cleaner
and squirt raw gas into the carb. Once she started she runs like a champ, has a ton of power, idles smooth,
and I have no problem restarting her after a week or so of setting . . with all that said here is her problem . . .
from a stand still up to plus or minus a little 45MPH she runs like new, soon as I get off the on ramp and on
the freeway and attempt to speed up with the flow of traffic she starts "gasping" like she is not getting enough
fuel ? ? ? ?. I have drained the gas tank, filled it with clean fuel plus an fairly expensive fuel conditioner moisture
eliminator and sprayed the carb with cleaner . . . . I have driven her just over 3000 miles
in t

It almost sounds like a faulty accelerator pump in the carb. Remove the air cleaner and look down the carb air horn as you snap the throttle open and look to see if you see gas squirting into each front barrel.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes the accelerator does in fact squirt in raw fuel.

The starving like sound comes as I accelerate at 40-45 mph

either at light or heavy throttle . . . ?


Ok, check the fuel pressure. Have you changed the fuel filter?

At 45 mph, I would assume there is little vacuum advance any more if even equipped but mechanical advance should still be coming into play. Do you have a timing light to check mechanical advance? If not, just remove the cap and rotor and make sure the weights open and spring back and the springs are still on, the bushings are still ok.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have not checked the fuel pressure but have to assume it is ok

as from a start I can floorboard the accelerator pedal and everything

is fine up to about 45 mph . . . by then it has max rpm in both 1st

and 2nd gear . . . it is really baffling me as I have been keeping

keeping my vehicles tuned and running since my 1st 1937 DeSoto

all they way through the acquisition of my 1st computer controlled

car when I had to give up . . . . this Chinook is our weekend cabin

on wheels and the 1st conventional carb/no computer vehicle

I have had in years . . . .I am not conversant with PVC and EGR

valves is there a possibility that either or both of them are gunny.

As I mentioned up until the time I let it sit for six months it at all

speeds and throttle settings ran like a champ. Used to rebuild

my own carb's with ZIP kits and the thought has occurred to me

that possibility some of the additives in todays petrol might have

during the period it sat idle gummed up the jets . . . but, she starts

right up and after warm up goes like new until about 40-45 mph.

In the for what it's worth department I'm 80 years old which has

nothing todo with anything other than the fact that I'm no longer

the shade tree mechanic I thought i once wuz . . . .? ? ? ?

Ok, so then in 3rd gear or drive, you are already traveling at 45mph, then try to go faster when this happens? Are you gradually moving the gas pedal down further, the same amount or suddenly going wide open throttle?

If wide open throttle, is the transmission downshifting back down into 2nd for awhile and then back to 3rd?

If not, manually shift it back down into 2nd when you get to 45 mph and give it wide open throttle then see how it responds.

If you are gradually giving it more gas, again does it downshift? It may want to or not. Remove the air filter and leave it off just for now, giving it a little more breathing just for now. Check that the air filter is not dirty if it runs better now and if the air filter is covered with oil ,change the pcv valve. Check the pcv valve at idling, first by pulling it out of the valve cover and making sure it has vacuum, then put your thumb over the hole and listen/feel for the valve to snap closed.

If you are just giving it the same amount of throttle, I would change the fuel filter, check the ignition timing, check the fuel pump pressure.

How is the engine in neutral or park? Can you rev it high and no problem?

Also, do you have a vacuum gauge to test intake manifold vacuum?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

accelerating past the 40-45mph magic speed either by feathering the

throttle or really punching it has the same effect, the starving gasping

sound. . . . .I have run it up in both 1st and 2nd and everything is fine

at higher rpm with no real load . . . .I have tried manually shifting down

to 2nd at 40-45 and get virtually the same response "starving/gasping" . . .

I have a K&N air filter and it is clean and not over oiled . . .I have yet

to check the vacuum on the PCV valve but will tomorrow after church..

Unfortunately I have long ago got rid of my timing light, dwell meter,

vacuum and pressure gauges as they were of no value with our puter

controlled cars . . . .In neutral or park I can rev it up to what I estimate

is around 4 grand . . . .am reluctant to go much higher . . .and it

runs fine . . . .as I have said it's a sweetheart up to 40-45 and

to that point purrs like a kitten for the big ole 460 that it is . . . .

At what rpm is 45 mph in 3rd?

Have you changed the fuel filter?

Also, are you getting a check engine light when this occurs?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am guessing (no factory tach) 4 grand or so and no check engine light.

I will check the vacuum at the PCV and put in a new fuel filter tomorrow after church. Thanks for your help. Is there any way I can let you know

if it worked or not.?

Let me know if the fuel filter works.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just installed a new filter element and housing gasket

and checked the PCV valve. The valve has a ton of

vacuum. Test drive was just that a test drive with the

same results. Did run it up in 1st until it would not go

any faster then ran it up in 2nd and right at 40-45 mph

she acts like she is not getting enough gas , , , shifted

into third and motored along nicely at just over 40mpg

but with the slightest depressing of the accelerator in

a gentle attempt to speed up a little or by floorboarding

it samo samo . . . . . the gas in the old filter element

did not appear to be contaminated and there was a

minimum amount of particulate in the bottom of the

bowl. . . .lightly greased the new filter gasket and the

"o" ring on top of the new element . . . primed the filter

and reinstalled hand tight. . . . couple pumps on the

accelerator and she started up like new . . . . warm

up to operating temp (warm air coming out of vents)

and did the test drive . . . .? ? ? ?

I would check the fuel pump pressure, ignition timing and engine vacuum before deciding whether or not to rebuild the carb.
Fuel pressure should be 6-8 PSI and for the instructions for replacing the fuel pump in the tank, click here.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

For your info . . . . after all the fixes and attempts I followed the

advice of a friend who suggested I change the small bronze

filter at the gas input fitting on the carb . . . . . .

Wow, $4.95 filter and the old girl runs like new . . .

I first took the old filter off and blew through it,

there was a small amount of resistance to my blowing

and it did not seen like enough to prevent fuel flow,

however it was as when I blew through a new one there

was virtually no resistance ...... Thanks for your help...


Good job!