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land rover lr2: 2009 land rover, battery went dead with key

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2009 land rover, battery went dead with key pad in it , replaced battery wont turn over...
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

Please explain for me fully what the issue is with your vehicle....

Rgds, MIKE.............................
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mike This is a builder we bought. LR2 ran no problems. Drove car outside, we knew battery was weak. Someone put key fob in with dead battery.. I went out to charge battery, i assumed battery went down because i noticed lights in fenders were flashing, (assumed flashers were left on) didn't pay much attention to that, but when girl that worked here went out to start it lights were NOT flashing. She DID not remember doing anything else. Now when insert fob into ignition everything seems correct as far as lights on dash coming on, and you can hear things clicking on motor but when push button to start things click around but starter Never clicks to engage. Again this vehicle was starting NO problem untill the last battery discharge. Battery was junk . New battery DOES NOT good dead as original did. I have been a mechanic for 30 years so basic knowledge no problem. P.S. Am willing to pay more $$$ for your time if we can resolve issue... I am assuming a security problem. fob does operate door locks and things and it seems car does reconginse fob. Thanks Carl Valley Collision Center 2009 LR2 Land Rover

Hello again Carl -

Thank you for your reply and further info -

Carl - Im not really sure what you mean above where you say, "...New battery DOES NOT good dead as original did"... Can you qualify that point for me please..?

Too - with a new battery on - when you come to operate the starter motor - do you get any messages on the dash / display at all?

Rgds, MIKE..............................
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just meaning we do not have charge battery when we need to move it. When vehicle is ready to start after going through it's check list or whatever it does the only message left is TERRIAN RESPONSE SYSTEM UNAVAIBALE" .. If my memory on this car is correct. It seems like it would go through checklist and then started, now just checklist and no starter engagement. Thanks Mike for giving it a shot.
Hello again Carl -

Thank you for your reply.

The Terrain system issue is a fault yes but it wont cause a non start - It can even be brought on by battery / power supply issues so once thats sorted , that might go off - not be a problem.. If not, you will need that diagnosing properly with plug in equipment.

These vehicle are very reliant on good battery condition - a drop in voltage / amps in the battery below norm can cause all manner of electrical / electronic issues - inc non start due to security system issues etc.

Your ref earlier to the lights flashing, that was most likely the alarm system setting the flashers off - that again can be down to low battery power - and in this case, sounds as though it was.

Overall it sounds like your issues have cone from low battery voltage throughput / faulty / low battery. You have done what you have with the battery in the fob and new car battery and now it seems the security system needs re setting. As its not doing it on its own, which it should - but sometimes they dont, then its going to have to be reprogrammed using plug in diagnostic equipment I'm afraid. This will also do a test to check for any other faults that may be there at the same time just in case but either way, from what you have outlined, it is going to need this doing as above to sort the problems out on it. Im assuming you have checked the basic starter / starter circuit etc already.

You can try a key recode / reprogramming but I don't actually think that will do it from what you have described. You would normally get "start error " or similar on the dash with a plain immobilser issue so its not straightforward... you are going to have to have this plugged in Carl to see whats happening with it now. Let me know how you get on..

Let me know if you need anything else on this -

>> >> Meantime -- Please click on the OK rating to Excellent ratings service for me now, Thank you for that... and you can get back to me anytime if you need / wish..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Please note, you are rating the content of my "answer" - my help to you - not the "system" which can experience delays etc which are not under my personal control -or delays caused by "time -off" which we all have on occasion - Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We have a shop in area that has a snap on scanner, would that be worth the time to have him try anything, or is it just better off taking to land rover for there test. Thanks for your help so far. You mentioned reprograming security or fob , can that bedone by us, or again a dealer thing.
Hello again Carl..

I am sorry but I have not been able to get back you..

As there has been a delay, where exactly are you up to now ?

Rgds, MIKE.............................

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Mike for your reply.


Have not done anything, not really sure what might be our next step. Land Rover dealer is about 100 miles from hear and have some other work in shop. Any other suggestions would be helpful or next step would be a trip to land rover. Will probably check starter relay but not to sure to any avail.In trying to go back over facts, I'm betting something to do with security system... Thanks again Carl

Hello again Carl..

I have just reviewed all to be sure of all of this - As an overview of the system Carl operates as follows :

The Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS - immobilization) provides a secure interface between the CJB, ECM and ABS module to prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle. This is achieved by having uniquely coded remote handset and encoded data exchange between modules.

Unauthorized starting prevention is achieved by immobilization of the engine crank system, fuel system and ignition system.

The passive anti-theft system uses the following components:
^ Remote handset transponder
^ Start control module
^ Instrument cluster
^ ABS module
^ Electric steering column lock.

Now Im just wondering - as this vehicle is new to you - if its actually "operator error"... because the system is automatic and requires no input from the driver. The engine management system will only allow engine crank when an authorization data message is received from the CJB. The engine start system is initiated when the start/stop switch and the brake pedal (automatic transmission) or the clutch pedal (manual transmission) are pressed simultaneously.

...So I mention that - just in case you / whoever, is not doing that as above Carl.. If not - try it exactly as in bold above...

The engine management system (ECM) will only allow engine crank, spark (petrol models only) and injector functions when the following conditions are met:
^ A hardwired Park/Neutral signal is received from the Transmission Control Module (TCM) (automatic transmission only)
^ A hardwired ignition signal is received from the CJB
^ A hardwired crank request signal is received from the CJB
^ Encrypted data exchange between the instrument cluster and the ECM is verified.

Before the CJB will send the hardwired ignition signal, it must satisfactorily complete the following:
^ Exchanged encrypted data with the start control module to validate the remote handset.

Additionally, before the CJB will send the hardwired crank request signal it must receive the following signals:
^ Brake signal from the brake switch (automatic transmission) or clutch signal from the clutch switch (manual transmission)
^ Hardwired transmission in Park (P) signal from the selector lever assembly (automatic transmission only).

If you cant get it going as above though Carl - the Snap on wont deal with the security system on this Im sure - but then too, from what you have said, Im not even fully sure thats the fault. If you get this far - then Im afraid you are going to have to have it connected to a Testbook or similar Carl to get this sorted for you for sure.

I hope that all helps you further..

- -- Let me know how you get on Carl - and can I ask you to please click on the OK ~ Excellent ratings service for me now at this point please so that Im credited for my time helping you etc... Thank You for that .. ..

and again , let me know how you get on-

Best Rgds, MIKE.
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