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2004 4 runner: I have a 2004 4 runner sr5 and it has a solid

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I have a 2004 4 runner sr5 and it has a solid rear axle that has the parking brake inside the rotor. This model has the hub bearing that attaches to the flange of the rearend with the sensor in it. The repair on this website is not clear. I want to know what is holding the axle in. The hub bearing is not pressed on the axle I would not think or it is? Is there a retainer and snap ring that is holding the axle in? Just looking a the parking brakes shoes are behind the hub so I am assuming you have to remove the axle to change them. I am doing this for someone at my church that has lost thier job and I do not want to tear anything up pulling it out. I have the nessecary tools and lift just need a point in the right direction
Hello I'm Neal and I am here to help resolve your issue. If I cannot help I will opt out and refer your question to another expert.

Did you already get some help from this site? I don't see where you asked a question already?

The axle does need to be removed. If you already started a question, I would like to see what has been done so far.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I asked a question I bought this chilton manual on line and it is very vague and unclear. I have a 2004 4 runner with a solid rear axle and the Hub bearing is bad. I am wanting to replace it. I am doing it for someone at church so I did not want to tear into it without asking. I am very mechanical and have all my on tools mostly work on race cars. I see where the hub bearing is attached to the housing flange along with the backing plate that hold on the caliper it also has the parking brake mounted internal to the rotor and they are behind the stud flange for the axle. I am wondering how the axle is in there and whether I use a slide hammer or if I unbolt everything will it just slide out. Usually on this type of arrangement there is a flange on the axle itself for you to bolt to the rearend flange. In this instance the hub bearing is mounted to the housing flange. Is the hub bearing pressed onto the axle, it does not appear to be that type bearing because the hub bearing has the fitting fo the speed sensor in it. or is there a receiver with a snap ring on the axle either way something is holding that exle in the car and the chilton website does not provide picture breakdown like it states and thier instruction are very general and for 10 different type rearends. I hope this helps answer your question

On that one it is just bolted in and when you unbolt it the axle and backing plate will all come out together. The is no clip for that. Just unbolt it and give it a smack with a rubber mallet if needed to break it loose. I will be here to continue to help if you run into trouble. It will be more clear as you tLe it apart.

Let me know how it goes and if I can help more.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Neal but what is holding the axle in the housing? something is holdind the axle in, if it is passing through the hub bearing what is keeping in from coming out? make sense? remeber the hub bearing is monting the rearend flange not the axle. It passes through the hub bearing. Could it be pressed on. It does not seems to be that kind of bearing. Look up a hub bearing for a 2004 4 runner. It also has like a 3/16 receiver groove at the top of the bearing. It is different I promise. It is not like a typical axle

The bearing is pressed on the axle and into the flange and the flange is bolted on. I will double check also.
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