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radio wont stay on after key is turned off but windows still

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radio wont stay on after key is turned off but windows still have power until door is opened on a 2003 ford taurus I have a 2002 ford f 250 and it works just fine on it i dont think it worked on the taurus when we bought it in 2003 used if i had of thought i would have taken it in while it was under warranty
Unfortunately your Taurus wasn't designed to have the radio stay on after the key is removed.
That being said, you can modify your vehicle to include this function.

In the diagram above, note the Black and Pink wire is hot with the key in the on/acc positions, going to the integrated control unit. This is the wire that triggers the stereo to turn on.
If you wish to add the feature for your radio to stay on until the door opens, you will need to splice in a wire from your Accessory delay relay, to the black and pink wire going to the radio.

The accessory relay is what you are after. The hot out put is pin #87 on the image below.

I guess it comes down to how bad you want the function, as it isn't exactly an easy task to perform.
Hope this helps, let me know if there's anything else I can do!
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