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GearheadBrown, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  10 Years various auto repair and diagnosis. Nissan Specialist technician. ASE Master certified.
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I have a 2007 mini cooper the R/H low beam head light is out

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I have a 2007 mini cooper the R/H low beam head light is out , the instrunment lights are out anf the L/H tail light is out and also the r/H turn signal do not work is it the BC1?

I read over your problem, and have done some research on the matter. It is reasonable to believe that the fault you are having is indeed the footwell module, or BC1 as you stated.

Here is the description and operation of this unit:

"System functions

The footwell module processes the signals from the doors and controls the lighting. The footwell module is also the interface to the instrument cluster. Depending on the equipment version, the footwell module picks up the following signals:
Height-level sensor
Reversing light switch
Brake light switch
Hazard warning switch
Light switch
Switch block, driver's door
Door contacts
Driver's door lock
The following functions are controlled by the footwell module:
Communication between the LIN bus and body CAN
Storing vehicle order
Exterior rearview mirror
Exterior lights
Interior lights
Central locking
Front power windows
The footwell module enables communication to take place between the LIN bus and the body CAN.

Storing vehicle order
The vehicle order is saved in the footwell module. The vehicle order enables the vehicle to be identified. Besides the type code number, the vehicle order contains all important equipment features on the vehicle.

Exterior rearview mirror

There are two equipment variations of the switch block in the driver's door:
Basic version of the driver's door switch block The switch block sends its signals directly to the footwell module.
High version of the driver's door switch block This switch block is connected to the LIN bus. The requests to adjust the exterior mirrors are sent via the LIN bus.
Exterior lights

The lighting functions are integrated into the footwell module. These lighting function are:
Low beam
High beam
Headlamp flasher
Fog lamps
Rear fog light
Turn signals
Hazard warning lights
Brake light
Reversing lights
Parking light
Besides the lighting functions, other exterior lighting functions are also integrated in the footwell module:
Light monitoring
Headlight beam height control
Emergency operating mode if the footwell module should fail
Lamp replacement
Home lighting
Visual alarm after anti-theft alarm has been triggered
Actuation of bi-xenon headlamps"

Being that the fuses are OK, I would suspect this module as being the cause. Your best bet would be to take it to the dealer for a proper diagnosis.

Good luck, let me know if you need any further assistance.
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I forgot to add, the reason I suspect the module is because of the multiple symptoms you are experiencing that point to it. If it were one or two isolated problems I would suggest inspecting all the bulbs. However, with that many failed items all controlled by the same unit, it is very reasonable to suspect the module.

Good luck!