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F250: Have a 2005 F250 7.3 6speed Manual and had the clutch

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Have a 2005 F250 7.3 6speed Manual and had the clutch replaced in August last. All replaced with Flywheel machined now i have clutch shudder in 1st and reverse when taking off and is more pronounced when hot, not really an issue when cold, 1st thing in the morning.
Doesn't matter if in traffic or on the open road with no using the clutch, when it gets hot shudder to take off in foward or reverse.
Changing when moving is all good with no issues at all. Any suggestions guys. Western Australia.
This could be a couple things, first check to make sure that the motor and transmission mounts aren't torn as torn mounts can cause a shudder when starting from a stop.

If no torn mounts are found then your problem is the clutch itself. I've had this happen on my personal car before and I've also seen it on many customer cars. Certain clutches, particularly the more aggressive ones tend to chatter on take-off and will always do it. Another thing that can cause a clutch to do this is oil or grease on the clutch disk either from installation or a leaking engine rear main seal/transmission input shaft seal.

What type of clutch was put in your truck? Do you remember the make and model?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thankyou all mounts are good and I have replaced the centre bearing as the rubber there was a little soft (bearing itself was ok ) have put a jack under the rear mount to test if it was moving but all tested ok. In the morning when it is cold it is pretty good it only gets bad when it warms up even if you are driving up the highway and not using the clutch.
Whilst i had the tailshaft out checked the uni's and all good. So perhaps I will take it back to where i got the clutch replaced as it has only done nearly 30,000kms since it was installed. I could live with a little chatter on take off but it has gotten to a stage that is pretty hard to take off.

Kind regards. Jim Prentice

Ps. are you in Brisbane or elsewhere? I am in Perth. Can't remember the model and type of clutch they put in but will try and find some paperwork.

I got a F Truck specific workshop to do the clutch as they had a hoist that would accomodate my 250.

I'm actually over in the USA, but I'd love to make a trip to Australia, there's nothing I'd like more then a Falcon Ute XR6 or XR8 but they don't sell anything like them here.

I know how you feel about dealing with the chatter. I had a similar problem on my own car and lived with it for 6 months until I couldn't deal with it anymore and replaced the clutch again. At first I had a Zoom clutch that chattered badly and now I have a Luk clutch that is perfectly smooth.

If you have the clutch replaced just be sure to have the flywheel checked for warpage and hot spots (blue discolorations), if either are present then the best thing to do is to replace the flywheel and not resurface it.