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I have a 2005 suzuki forenza. Need to replace heater hoses

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I have a 2005 suzuki forenza. Need to replace heater hoses but can barely even see the hose to the block even with resonator removed. What is easiest way to access and change these hoses and a good diagram would help.

greasemonkey2386 :

hello, from the description i see on alldata it appears you access them from the top

greasemonkey2386 :


  1. Partially drain the cooling system.

  2. Raise and suitably support the vehicle.

  3. Compress and slide rearward the two heater hose spring clamps at the firewall.

  4. Gently twist the hose from the left to the right and back again to loosen the bond between the hose and the tube.

  5. Remove the end of the hose from the tube.

  6. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the other hose.

  7. Compress the heater hose spring clamp on the inlet coolant line and slide the clamp rearward.

  8. Remove the inlet heater hose from the vehicle.

  9. Compress the heater hose spring clamp on the outlet coolant line and slide the clamp backward.

greasemonkey2386 :


  1. Install the left heater hose to the coolant inlet line fitting. Slide the end of the heater hose over the coolant fitting until the hose is seated.

  2. Install the right heater hose to the fitting below the intake manifold. Slide the end of the heater hose over the fitting until it is seated.

  3. Install and seat the other end of each heater hose.

  4. Compress and slide the spring clamps into position on the heater hoses and release the tension.

  5. Fill the cooling system.

  6. Check the hoses for leaks.


greasemonkey2386 :



greasemonkey2386 :

Full Size Image

greasemonkey2386 :

that is the only picture included on the alldata write up

greasemonkey2386 :

did you find the information useful?

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