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Fiat 124 Spider: I have a 1975 Fiat Spider made in Feb. of

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I have a 1975 Fiat Spider made in Feb. of 1975 all the wires have been removed from the ignition switch from the previous owners. The terminals on the switch are two # XXXXX two INT, one 15, one 16, one 50, and one 30/1. There is also a two wire white and pink pigtail wired directly into the switch . I need to know which of the following wires go to what terminal number. 1- pink 10ga.w/14ga blue with black, 1-brown 10ga.w/14ga. brown, 1-gray 14ga. w/14ga. green with black, 1-blue 14ga.w/14ga. blue with red stripe, 1-10ga. black. I have inherited a mess as there are numerous wires cut-spliced etc. throughout the vehicle. This circuit seems to be intact just disconnected from the switch. Can someone help?? Thanks John U.P. Michigan
Hi John, I have some older diagrams on the 124 Spider. I'll post what I show for the wire colors below. I'm not sure if I got all of your colors. Let me know if you need more help with it.

Brown - terminal 30
Gray & Green/Black - terminal 16
Blue/Black - terminal - INT
Light Blue/Red - terminal INT
Light Blue - terminal INT
Black - terminal 30/1
Pink & Light Blue/Black - terminal 15
Red - terminal 50
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Hi John, I'm just following up with you on the Fiat. Do you need anymore help with this? Was the information helpful?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Marty, This is my first rodeo with Just Ask and I am not sure how much time I have etc. I manage a NAPA Auto Parts store in the upper peninsula of Michigan and have been in parts for 40 yrs. Sorry I didn't get with you sooner but as you now "we" put in 12hrs. per day in our mutual businesses and have minimal time other than partial weekend's to do work on our own stuff. I wired the switch per your instruction tonight and the starter would still not turn over. I removed the seats to better expose the wireing and will attempt to defeat the seatbelt interlock system. I will also re-test the switch in start mode and retrace the starter wireing. I need more time as I will be out of town until Sunday. Thank you for your quick response and I hope get back to you Sunday evening. John

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Marty, My original question asked about a white and pink wire pigtail wired directly into the switch. I believe this to be part of the seatbelt interlock system but have not been able to confirm this. I did rate your service and truely appreciate it but am finding the color coding to be most difficult to trace as the wires in my car differ from the diagrams.

Thanks again for your follow up. If you know weather or not I can eliminate the "pink and white wire pigtail" please let me know. Thanks John

Hi John, that pigtail should be for the key in ignition buzzer. You can leave it disconnected. Let me know if you need anything else.