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Pete NelsonJr.
Pete NelsonJr., ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Fiat: Hello Today somebody hit my car and ran away, but left

Customer Question

Today somebody hit my car and ran away, but left some broken plastics in the place. I took a closer look at one of those and guess what, it says FIAT on it and also Valeo. That's probably the retailer of spare parts, right? What is more, there are some numbers there, which are: 89102106 SX; and right beneath it : >PP T40<
Would it be possible to know what car that was exactly? It must be one of the neighbours. I will walk around and try to find a broken fiat around, but they may have it fixed so your help would be realy appreciated.

Thanks alot

Aidas Ramanauskas
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Pete NelsonJr. replied 4 years ago.

Pete NelsonJr. :

Hello and thanks for using Just Answer, those numbers reveal nothing relevant to Fiat from what I can find. Maybe Valeo could tell you more, those numbers may be just for Valeo to tell what batch number the plastic came from. Valeo makes plastic parts for just about every brand of car. The peice looks like at came from where an inner fender skirt connects to a bumber cover. The part numbers are probably still hanging off the car on whats left of the plastics. Your best hope would be it was someone nearby and perhaps the cops can see how many Fiats are owned nearby and call and question all of them. UNfortunately you'll probably never know. Good luck, hope this helps, if it does PLEASE hit ACCEPT.