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not getting hot air to any of the output on dash or floor water pump good thermo stat new belt new i can feel heat for a few seconds but thats iti think its a gate not operating,fan blowing good all stations working just no hot air ac working fine,bouught suv used 120000 miles i have a aftermarket warrenty and a local toyota dealer to take it to just would like a heads up on cost and down time.Is their a heater control valve on this suv i punched up parts list at toyota and nothing comes up,maybe called something different?

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

You said that you don't have heat from the dash or floor, is it ok from the defrost position?

Does the engine reach normal operating temperature?

With the engine hot have you felt the heater hoses at the firewall to see if they are both hot and the same temperature?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

spinkles08 tommy kintner here no heat problem no heat from defroster,engine gets to operating temp,no if they were both hot that means hot coolent is going in and comming out right,it its hot only on one side plugged heater core?have not checked it but will if this is not the problem what [email protected] 2004 toyota 4 runner.Is their a control valve like in the older ones?

I don't believe there is a heater control valve on this model but I'd like to double check the service information before I say for sure. I'm leaving work now and will be back online in about an hour, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

this system is so complex that in the service manual it stated that even the top toyota machanics have problems with it,i've read on line that their has been some problems in gate activated sliders strip out and will not open the gate out of the heater core to the blend gates,also have heard that theirs some kind of of temp sensor that if its not in the correct location this could hamper activation of the gates.heard lots but need corrective action been colder then a grave diggers but here in pa.

Lack of heat could definitely be caused by a bad blend door actuator, broken blend door, wiring or the control head on the dash. In your case that doesn't sound like the issue though. You found that one heater hose is drastically cooler than the other which tells us that little or no coolant is flowing through the heater core.

First make sure the coolant is full and there is no air in the heater core. With the radiator cap off let the engine run until it's at full operating temperature. Make sure no bubbles are coming up after it's hot, raise the RPM's for a bit and see if heat starts to appear. This will allow trapped air to be forced from the heater core if there is an air pocket.

If that doesn't help then the heater core is plugged. The first thing you'll want to do is flush it, you can often get them unplugged without having to replace them. Remove the heater hoses and force water in one direction until it comes out clear, then reverse and go to the other side. Alternate back and forth until the water always comes out clear.

Reinstall the hoses, bleed the system again and then see if you have heat. This will usually restore heat enough that the core doesn't have to be replaced, but that depends on how bad it's plugged.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

both hoses are hot inlet /outlet of heater core what do you think i do not get the chance to get to my email every day like you i have to work also damit!what is the next step and could you tell me down time vs cost you been great waiting on your answer.

Sorry, I misunderstood your reply yesterday and thought only one heater hose was hot.

Did the lack of heat start all at once or was it gradual?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

both hoses same hot air from the start bought suv used in june did not test it heat it was june and 90 out thats on me.

No, you wouldn't think to check the heat when it's 90!

Let's try a battery disconnect and see if that helps. Often this will clear fault codes or allow a locked up module to work again, this may allow the control head to start working again if there is an issue there. Make sure the key is off and disconnect the battery for a minute or so, reconnect it and then see if that helps at all.

Let me know and we'll go from there!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

did not hear about this will try it.will get back to you saturday,you been great be nice it if that the to you saturday.

Sounds great, talk to you Saturday!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry for late return but work first.tryed powering down battery no help,whats next?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

add on to other message todays date will be at training tuesday thur thursday wont be able to return any messages until 1/26/13 is this a fruit less quest?hope you can find me a fix i going to take the 4 runner in to see what they can come up with frist week of feburary,dont give up have lots of long johns ha ha i do appreicate your time on this problen thomas s kintner 2004 4 runner v-6 .

I'm tied up at work at the moment, I'll get back to you just as quick as I can!

You could have a few things going on and at this point diagnosing it would get a bit deeper. It could be the control head itself not driving the actuator, it could be the blend door actuator, or the blend door could be broken.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is this the end no other possibles control head,blend door,or broken blend door,if you were a glambling type were would you put your money and how much?sprinkles08 thanks for your answers,i will rate you after what you would call your last call ,that you think it is!you been great,will wait for your replay would like to do it today,but it might have to wait until saturaday.thanks for you time,hope i can get this problem fixed with little down time.

As long as there is hot coolant flowing through the heater core then the only possible causes for no heat would be the control head, actuator, it's wiring, or the door. I'd put the most probability with the actuator.