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Trans goes right into reverse like it should but when you put

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Trans goes right into reverse like it should but when you put trans in drive it takes time to go into gear. Once it goes in gear it shifts and operates perfectly. Seems to work better when the trans is cold.
Did you remove the pan and filter after the problem started to see if there was an issue in the pan or filter, did it help at all or just the same after you were done?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The vehicle had the problem prior to removing the pan, I have not put it back together. I was looking to see if there were obvious problems in the trans (debris in the pan etc.)

Some debris build up in pan and on filter is normal . Excessive or metal chunks or particles may from internal issues. Other than visual inspections you cannot do much more testing with the pan / filter off. I would recommend you replace the filter , install pan and fill with fluid to see how the transmission acts. If the problem is still present I would recommend you have the computer system scanned for any failure codes regarding transmission control or operation. You may need to pursue some further transmission diagnosis including pressure testing in park and drive to help determine what the problem is.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did scaned the computer for codes (Snap on equipment) before disasembly, there were no engine or transmission codes. The throttle position sensor responds about 15 to 20 seconds after you press the accelerator (still no codes). I am thinking about replacing the TPS just because I do not think it should do this (doubt it will help the transmission)?

Are you seeing that delay with the scan tool , have you tested the circuit at the tps to verify it is doing the same thing. The delay could be with the scanner. Best way to test the tps is with a scope . Tps will most likely not help the delayed engagement in drive, it would contribute to different transmission operation issues / driveability issues.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am going to put it back together, but I do not feel I have done anything to fix it. Thinking I will have to go deeper. I have heard this is a common Legacy problem, was hoping maybe you were a Subaru expert and had solved this problem before. I personnally believe this to be a seal problem with the forward clucth apply circuit. I have repaired many automatic transmissions but no Subarus. Guess I was just hoping there was a "magical fix" and would not have to remove the trans. THANKS

There are some common causes for that , the low reverse drum can get worn along the sealing edge. Also the forward clutch sealing ring can cause the issue. Unfortunately only pressure testing or tear down will be the next step in diagnosis
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