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escalade: you around today ?06 escalade with shift problem...wont

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you around today ?
06 escalade with shift problem...wont shift past 2nd gear
Hello an welcome to JustAnswer!

Got it!

Are any fault codes setting?

Was the trans rebuilt by a shop or was it purchased as a reman somewhere?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

trans was rebuilt by one of the better trans shop in this area... usually very good luck with their stuff.

had no codes when scanned...

but when i went to trans on scan tool, it did not have that listed..

found transfer case listed.. & couldn't get any thing there.

was like it wouldn't communicate with trans case through tool.

said to check connections of tool & fuses.

scan tool will let me in to other areas though... so i wasn't sure what to do next


escalade had lost top 2 gears when i got in on it....

wouldn't move until pulled shifter to 2nd gear... & had just first 2 gears

after rebuild ( shop rebuilt original unit ), is kinda the same , except for it will take off in any forward gear on the shifter now... but still wont go past 2nd gear



Is it taking off in first and then shifting to second, and no attempt to upshift from there?

Is it taking off in second?

Is it taking off in first, shifting to second and then freewheeling when it should shift into third?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

takes off in first , shifts to second... just keeps climbing rpm's & no attempt to shift past second.

tried manually moving shifter, but is same

Do you know what was replaced when it was rebuilt, other than the obvious clutches and seals?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

usually the electronics inside are replaced also.. but I can't say definately they were at this time.


In my experience most often they wouldn't replace any electronics unless they knew for sure they had failed, which is why I asked.

If the 2-3 shift solenoid wasn't moving when commanded or was plugged it would cause this. For the 2-3 shift it shuts off the 2-3 shift solenoid. It's a normally vented solenoid meaning it allows fluid flow when it's de energized. When the solenoid shuts off it allows flow to the shift valve and it completes the shift. The first place I'd look is this solenoid, but if you can find out for sure that it was replaced then you should be able to rule it out.

Since the trans has been disassembled I'm assuming there are no hard part failures like stripped splines, and I'm assuming no clutch seals or anything else was damaged upon reassembly.

If the geartrain, clutches and seals are ok and the solenoid has been replaced (or replacing it now doesn't help) then the problem is most likely going to be sticking valves in the valve body. There could be debris in the valve body that wasn't removed during the rebuilt (they may not have even taken the valve body apart), or the 2-3 shift valve could have worn into it's bore and is cocking/getting stuck instead of moving when the solenoid turns off.

I've also seen some internal valve body leaks that would cause fluid to vent rather than apply clutches also.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do you think it is probably best to take it to the trans shop that did the rebuild .. or is there any tests that could be done before ?

i wasn't sure if there was anything i could rule out before hauling it to them ?

If you wanted to get into it yourself I would first address the solenoid and then go into the valve body if necessary. I'm assuming the rebuild was done pretty recently though wasn't it? If that's the case then it should be under warranty, and you paid alot of money for the rebuild so they owe you a transmission that works! If it's under warranty and you work on it yourself they may try to deny warranty also.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, the transmission was just installed Friday night.

& they do have good warranty there.

sounds like I better haul it up to them.

i was wanting to try & make sure it wasn't something that was over looked when installed.. or possibly something common to check other than an internal problem.


You don't have any codes setting so I highly doubt it's going to be anything related to the installation. If there was an installation issue then I'd expect some electrical codes of some sort. If there was a wire pinched, broken, terminal pushed out, etc then it's going to see that and set a fault code. That's why I believe the problem is going to be hydraulic an internal in the trans.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

how ya doing today.

trans shop had to do something with valve body on the 4l60e out of the escalade to get it corrected.

not sure exactly what they had to re do.. but is working correctly now.

thanks again for input & advice

catch ya again when I need some more help.



It most likely had a shift valve hung up. Glad they got it fixed. Thanks for the update!