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Saturn Aura XE: I have a 2007 Saturn Aura and the remote start

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I have a 2007 Saturn Aura and the remote start does not work. I just bought this car and am not even sure if it has "remote start". All the signs point to that it does; start button on the fob and the ability to turn it off/on in the dash. When I go to remote start, the flashers flash and the horn honks both the same weather the hood is open or not.
The first question is, how can I tell if I even have remote start?
Second question is, if I do have remote start I'm guessing the hood latch is an open or closed circuit. Is there a way I can just bypass this by either cutting a wire or splicing two together without causing further problems?
If you have that option in the information center and the the lights flash when you push the buttons, it has remote start.
You have to press the lock button twice and then hold down the start button.

If the check engine light is on or the fuel level is low, the remote start will not work. As well as:
A current vehicle DTC that illuminates the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)
The vehicle is in valet mode.
More than 2 remote starts have been attempted.
The hazard switch is in the ON position.
A current hazard switch DTC is set.
The vehicle hood is ajar.
A current hood ajar DTC is set.
The CTD system detects an alarm trigger.
Excessive engine RPM
Excessive coolant temperature
Accelerator pedal position greater than 0 percent
Vehicle not in Park
Vehicle theft deterrent malfunction
A current automatic transmission shift lock control system DRC is set.
A vehicle speed sensor signal is detected by the ECM.

I normally check it with a scan tool and it will tell a reason that the remote start is disabled. but to check this, you need a scan tool that can read the Body Control Module Data.
The Hood switch has 3 wires to it and the black wire is a ground and the purple wire should get grounded when the hood is closed and the pink wire should be grounded when open.
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