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Coolant doesnt get hot in heater core, even at 195 degrees engine temp. Input hose

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Coolant doesn't get hot in heater core, even at 195 degrees engine temp. Input hose gets warm near the engine, but stays cool nearer the heater.
HI there!Is this a 2wd or 4x4?Also, what engine is in it?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry I had to leave. I am back now. My S-10 is a 2WD with a 4.3L TBI engine. I will check my email tomorrow morning (1/4/13) for your answer. Thanks

Ok, I need some additional information.Are both hoses to the radiator getting hot?Also, how are you checking the temps on the hoses?Thanks so much.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Both of the main hoses are getting hot, and the heater outlet hose gets warm, but that is probably just heat from the engine. The heater inlet hose gets warm near the front of the engine, but the farther back, the cooler it is.

Ok, it sounds like the heater core is plugged.I realize that you flushed it, but it works like a radiator, and the tubes inside go from one tank on one side to the other. If it is 80% plugged, you will still get decent flow with a garden hose because it will just bypass the plugged tubes and run tank to tank.Since the truck is not overheating it is very unlikely it's air in the heater core, you would also get heat at higher rpms.The garden hose also produces more pressure then the water pump.Because both of the main hoses are getting hot, the rest of the cooling system is fine. There is no check valve or anything to the heater hoses. I am afraid you are going to have to replace the heater core to resolve this problem.Hope this helps!Sorry for the bad news.Thanks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK your answer makes sense. I found it very complicated to get the answer, but maybe I am just computer illiterate. Thanks

Sorry for the complication, they are always trying to improve the site.Please be sure to rate my answer and let me know if you need further assistance.Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If I am entitled to more than one question, how about the procedure for replacing the heater core?

HERE is a link HERE is another link to help
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