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4 trouble code went on in the last week after a snow fall

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I have 4 trouble code that went on in the last week after traveling on a snow and slushey road. The first code was P0410 and today I got B1238, C1245 and a P0302, The engine started running rough and the troble light started blinking. Could all of this be caused by the secondary air system or is it all non related, thank you: XXXX

Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be assisting you with your question.

The only code related to the secondary air system is the P0410. This could be caused by a faulty air pump or a blown 30a air pump fuse in the underhood fuse box. Most likely, the air pump fuse is blown because they blow when water enters the air pump. Sometimes you can remove and drain the water from the air pump and replace the fuse, but sometimes the air pump will need to be replaced after water enters it. Also check the inlet hose to the air pump for any obvious damage or for being disconnected.

The C1245 is related to the tire pressure monitor system and usually means one or more tires have low pressure. Once the tire pressures are corrected, then the tire pressure monitor system will need to be reset with a scanner. Then the code can be cleared.

The C1238 is related to the brake control module and usually sets due to excessive braking or ABS stops. This one you can just clear with a scan tool as it does not necessarily indicate a failure.

The P0302 indicates an engine misfire on cylinder 2 and is the cause of the engine running rough and the blinking check engine light. The most common cause for this is faulty spark plug wires and/or spark plugs. This idea is further supported by the fact that the engine began running poorly after driving on a slushy road. Faulty spark plug wires will begin to arc when they get wet, causing a misfire. I suggest you replace the spark plugs and wires and clear the codes. If the misfire persists it is possible that the ignition coil may have been damaged due to the bad spark plug wires.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I haven't gotten a chance to try your suggestions yet, but you have confirmed my belief regarding P0410 code. I have heard that GM makes an extended inlet hose for the air pump thats located in the drivers side fender well. Since this is the second time, I will look into the extended hose specifications. If you have any information to share I would appreciate on the updated hose.


P0302, as for the spark plug /wires is it possible that this may harm the catalytic converter ?


I forgot to mention the growling / whinning noise when making a hard left turn. Could this be a result B1238 code ?

I haven't heard of the updated inlet hose, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have come out with an updated one. The best way to find out would be to call a GM parts counter.

If the engine has an ignition related misfire (bad plugs, wires, or coil), this can potentially harm the catalytic converter because raw fuel is entering the exhaust. That is why the check engine light flashes during a misfire.

The noise on left turns is probably not related to any codes. It could be from a loose wheel bearing or from the tire rubbing on the fender liner or another peice of plastic. I would check for anything contacting the front tires with the steering wheel turned all the way to the left or for any rub marks in or around the wheel well. It would also be a good idea to check the front wheel bearings for any looseness that would indicate they need to be replaced.
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