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Saab 9000 CSE: 96 saab 9000 cse, transmission makes a whinning

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96 saab 9000 cse, transmission makes a whinning sound like a steering pump low on oil, this seems to disapate when driving. what could this be and what kind of expense ?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, i am wondering about a transmission problem on a 96 saab 9000cse, it makes a whinning sound similar to a power stearing pump low on oil, the noise dissapates when driving and the transmission seems to work fine other than the noise. the engine runs fine and there are now lights on in the dash.

Does it only make the noise when moving or any time the engine is running?

Does the noise change when you put it in or take it out of gear?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the noise is anytime the engine is running and it there does not seem to be a noticable change when put in or taken out of gear , it does however seem to go away when driving


You've verified that the noise isn't actually power steering, correct?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the power steering works fine and the fluid is full, as i do not have the car here i cannot physically check the steering pump at this time however i do not believe it is the pump.

If the noise sounds like power steering noise then you'll definitely want to be positive that it's not before condemning the trans. A mechanic's stethoscope can be used to make sure the noise isn't coming from an engine driven accessory.

If it's actually coming from the trans it could be a failed pump, thrust bearing, or it could simply be a plugged filter. If the filter becomes restricted it will starve the pump of proper fluid flow and it will whine. If the noise is coming from the trans for sure the first thing I would recommend is changing the fluid and filter and see if that takes care of it. If not then the trans would need to be disassembled for inspection.
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