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2000 Infiniti G20. 119,000 miles. Original owner. In warm climate,

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2000 Infiniti G20. 119,000 miles. Original owner. In warm climate, Palm Desert, CA.
For some months my idiot lights come on and off when I start driving and continue to do so for a short while thereafter. They are the battery indicator and the brake warning lights. Sometimes the ABS light comes on. This happens both day and night. When the headlights are turned on, they change in intensity as the idiot light go on and off. After driving a little, everyhting seems to settle down, or, I just forget to keep watching. My gut reaction is that it is an alternator problem, but, I am definitely not a mechanic.
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX does sound like a weak alternator, do you have a volt meter? it is easy to check?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do not have a volt meter.

I know enough that I am not a mechanic and do not mess around with things that I do not know about.

I expect to go to a mechanic (not sure which), but, I would love to have some direction before spending lots of money on a wild goose chase.

So, I took a chance with this service.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what does a voltage regulator do....and would this have some effect?

these have an internal voltage regulator inside the alternator, so if it is bad the alternator will need to be replaced, do you have a volt meter? we can check the alternator,Tim

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do not have a volt meter. should I buy one?...and if I do, what do I buy...and then, what do I do with it? ....what do i connect and read....what should the readings be?, etc. etc. etc.

That is why I said, I am not a mechanic, nor, anything close to that.

Have you had experience with this kind of problem?

Are you basing answers on general knowledge, or, on specifics with this model of vehicle? Is this your vehicle of expertise?

Can it be anything else? If so, what, and, how would I identify it?

the problem you are having is a low voltage problem, you dont need to buy a meter, most parts houses will check this for free, Autozone does, and most others, the battery voltage needs to be checked both with the car off, and also when running, it should be around 12 volts with the car off, when its running, the voltage should go up to 14.5 volts, if it is lower than 14.5 volts, then the alternator is not charging properly and the alternator will need to be replaced, the flickering of the battery light is the firat indication of the low voltage. Then you said it was effected if the headlights were turned on, the headlights draw alot of power, so if the alternator is not charging enough, it will show up when turning the lights on, because they draw so much power,Tim
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I guess I will go with that.

thank you

Anytime my friend,Tim
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