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What van sleeps 3 and like a motor home camper but low

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What is the best most economical roomy van i can rent that is like a motor home but more compact and economical on gas than renting a class C.?  My Nissan might break i want to rent a van,, but not a passenger van,.,,,, but one that is souped up inside with beds and small fridge, sink maybe?

Leon Davidian,Sr. :

Welcome to My name is XXXXX XXXXX online automotive technician. I am reading your comments. I will be right with you. Thank You

Leon Davidian,Sr. :

There are several companies the rent van motor-homes. Here are some to check out.

Leon Davidian,Sr. :

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


IM in NY, and i need the suitable model not the rental companies. i have those.

can you be more specific on suitable model to buy? please and thank you, Leon

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i flew and left my parents behind.


You can remove my question. The links you provided were for Alaska and Cruise American does not rent motorhomes or vans. THey rent campers.


ROad trek is not available in my area.

But that is the type of van i think i was looking for.


If you would still like to answer my original qustion,,, i would like to know a few models that are similar to the roadtrek van. Renting is not necessary anymore since i have flown out by plane. But for the future, i would like to know what models are similar to the roadtreck van. But more available to purchase in the USA.


Are there other models of vans that are roomy for long distance travel where an elderly person can lie down?


OK i will trace this down sorry i did not understand the question. Crusise America i called and even the web site states they have a three person Van RV, so i do not know why they advertise when they rent campers. Sorry i tried. Yes i will look for a comprable modle to the RoadTreck for you.

Thank You,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. A few would help. I know VW has a pop up that has been modernized. I have the Westfalia deisle version but its cold and not cozy for transporting 3 seniors 1000 miles.
no problem, Leon

Here are some B Class motor-homes in the US that meet good standards in workmanship and mechanical durability. Though, i need to know what price range you are interested in?

I found this forum and the read was nice - thought maybe you would gain some information about the Dodge Sprinter. Also,

Please let me know if you need any other information.

Cheers! - Happy New Year to You and Family !


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Class B because they are like cars right? Wow thanks. Did u happen to spot anything that mentions which have the best mileage?

The Sprinter gets the best mileage from what i seen from all the specs. 20-22 MPG

Yes Class B is small and compact compared to the C class which are bigger- but cost less then the B class. The B class costs more due to the complexity of making things small and compact, in short.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Any other vans give decent mpg besides the sprinter? So my pool to choose from is wider?
give me a bit to prepare this for you, Leon
ok gave me a bit and will prepare this for you, Leon