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Chevrolet c/k 2500: will the front axle from a 99 c/k 2500

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will the front axle from a 99 c/k 2500 bolt into a 98 c/k 1500?
Hi in response to your question it depends if the k2500 has the 7200GVW axle in front or 8600GVW they used both in the 2500 one is heavy duty one is not. They only used the 7200GVW in the k1500. You should be able to look at the sticker inside the drivers door and tell. I hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have 8600gvw, and also a 98 z71. both have 3:73 rear, trying to fit front carrier with control arms, if necessary, knuckles and all, into 98 z71 k1500. both trucks are c/k style. rear is bad in the z71. chassis bad in the 99 2500. but great drivetrain. I want to use the heavy rear end, but would like to match the 8 lug wheels. could I also possibly just change the bearings and axle shafts? or knuckles and shafts? or are the control arms required also? simple chassis mod perhaps? I look forward to your input.


Hi I am sorry I didn't fully understand your question, I thought your front differential went out and you were just looking to replace it with one out of a k2500. I didn't realize you were wanting to do a complete upgrade to a 8 lug set up.I think you have everything you need to do the swap, but unless your handy with a torch and a welder I wouldn't attempt it as you will have to cut the upper control arm mounts from the k2500 and mount them to the frame of the k1500 and I am sure that there will be more mods that have to be done. the torsion bars are different as well. The control arms look the same but the ones on the k2500 are wider than the k1500. In short this is not just a direct bolt on swap it will take some modifications. I hope this better answers your question. Thanks