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Buick Regal GS: my 2000 buick regal turns over but does not

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my 2000 buick regal turns over but does not start. I installed a new battery. Leave the car parked, a day or two later it will start. Drive it around, couple days later don't start again.
The most common causes of this are failing crank sensor or ignition switch. I will post test procedures for both. Chris.....

1. Check the crank sensor signals with a lab scope to see if there are any glitches to the patterns. Should be nice square wave signals. Pins G and H of the ignition module.

2. If no or erratic signals, check the wires from the module to the crank sensor for open or shorts.

3. Remove the harmonic balancer and check if the crank sensor is loose and hitting on the balancer. Check the balancer vanes for being bent or damaged.

4. Verify the balancer has the correct amount of windows for the application of the vehicle.

1. Check for a possible ignition switch problem. Monitor VOLTAGE with a Digital Volt Ohmmeter (DVOM) on the following fuses. ABS, PTSI PARK LOCK, TURN SIGNAL, AIR BAG, CLUSTER, PCM/BCM/UHRELAY.

2. If the voltage is low on any or all of those fuses, replace the ignition switch.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for answering back to my question about my 2000 buick regal. All our suggestions were good, but we found the real problem when the car did not start one morning. When I turned the key on, but not far enought to start the car I could not hear the fuel pump turn over as a pre pump. Laid down under the car and gave a couple hits close to where the fuel pump is. The car fired up, telling me that the pump had a dead spot. Got the car towed again to the shop, not a cheap fix, $450.00 for the pump, with the labor and GST, $893.00.

Thank you for updating me with the fix. I am glad to hear you got it fixed. Chris.....