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2003 land rover, drivers door wont open from outside, can

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2003 land rover, drivers door won't open from outside, can I get a pic or schematic on how to pull the door panel? and any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, thanks

this is how you remove the door panel when it says carefully release the 10 clips they mean put a good flat tool like a screw driver between the panel and the door and lightly apply pressure to push the panel towards you while pulling and those self clips should that panel is off looking at this other picture of the outer door handle make sure the rod is still connected to the handle back side lever if it is then make sure the bottom of that rod is connected to the latch. Usually the rod falls off or one of the clips that hold the rod has popped off or broken or the handle is should be very visual what is wrong once the door panel is off and you can visually see the handle and the rod


  1. Remove 2 screws securing hand rail to door.
  2. Remove screw securing door handle escutcheon to door.
  3. Remove escutcheon.
  4. Remove 4 screws securing pocket to door.
  5. Carefully release 10 clips securing trim casing to door.
  6. If fitted, disconnect multiplug from upper door speaker.
  7. Disconnect multiplug from lower door speaker.
  8. Remove trim casing from door.graphicgraphicgraphic
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

its a range rover, will that make much of a diff? it looks diff, let me know, thanks

try this:


  1. Release 2 clips securing door handle capping to arm rest, ease forward and remove.

NOTE: Do not carry out further dismantling if component is removed for access only.

  1. Remove 2 clips from capping.


  1. Fit new clips to capping.
  2. Align capping to arm rest and secure with clips.


  • Remove 3 screws securing trim casing to door.
  • Release access cover in trim casing and remove screw
  • Carefully release 13 clips securing trim casing to door.
  • Ensure centre trim casing clip is released.
  • Pull trim casing horizontally from 7 clips securing the upper edge to inner glass seal, avoid damage to the locking button on final release.
  • Release door operating cable from door casing and move aside.
  • Disconnect 6 multiplugs from door harness and remove trim casing.
  • Customer: replied 4 years ago.

    what about the airbag? don't sweat it?

    just make sure you disconnect the battery to disarm it and you should be fine
    Customer: replied 4 years ago.

    and it says new clips, no way to reuse? thanks for the details

    I always reuse them if any get broken or loose it may be a good idea to replace them but usually you can reuse everything if you take your time removing them