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GM Holden Commodore: Commodore vh 3.3 litre 6 Auto transmission

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Commodore vh 3.3 litre 6 Auto transmission operates ok in reverse, 1st and 2nd gear but when you select D or drive it struggles to accelerate the gear the engine revs ok but the car barely moves in Drive
Hello, I will try to help. When you manually select L1 or 2cd on the gear stick, you apply an additional LOW band to hold the ring gear. If the vehicle doesn't move in Drive position, then most likely the one way sprag which is suppose to hold has failed. Or the Forward Clutch seals are broken or leaking internally. In either case, the transmission will have to be rebuilt, or replaced in order to have a functioning Drive position gear. The revving of the engine and the vehicle barely moving means there is internal slippage in the transmission. The fluid level is ok, but it most likely smells burned or like it's been hot. Servicing the transmission will not repair this problem. It will have to be overhauled to remedy this concern.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The workshop manual suggests adjustiing the servo which will adjust the bands. Will this help or is it ineffective. The transmission oil does have a unusual smell sort of burnt and less viscosity or as if thinned. Please advise

In my opinion it will be ineffective Kevin, Usually the band adjustment is performed at time of assembly or during an overhaul. The band lug that holds the band in place doesn't generally move after that as it is locked down with the adjusting screw and locking nut. Also, once a band or clutch pack has been slipping and burned, the friction material is worn off and it can't hold anymore. I would suggest removing the pan, Take a look inside the unit. If you see metal shrapnel or pieces of clutch or band material. That would explain the slipping, and the unit will need to be rebuilt or overhauled. If you don't see any signs of debris, you may service the transmission fluid, install some friction modifier that is used in positive traction differentials and the unit may respond favorably then.
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