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jrloar, ASE Master Cert
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truck starts then dies, wont stay running.

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truck starts then dies, won't stay running.

jrloar :

Can you explain this a little more. Does it start like it should? How long does it run? Will it start right back up? Was you driving and it shut off or did you shut it off and it would not run when you went to use it? What engine? How many miles? Was it acting strange before this?


It starts hard then runs for second and dies. Does this a few times and then it won't start. Let it set over night and it will do the same thing. Its a 4 cylinder motor with 160000 miles on it. Running just fine and when I went out to drive it, it started this. When I can get it running, you have to stay on the gas to keep it running.


What do you Think is the problem?

jrloar : Is it possible for you to get a can of carb and choke cleaner? When it nolonger wants to try and start spray the carb cleaner in the intake and see if it tries to run. This will help us on if it is a fuel promlem or not.

Yes, it will start with the cleaner. Somwtimes it will stay running. Sometime it will die within a few seconds. If you give it gas it sometimes dies or runs but, not like it should.


I am going to change the fuel fikter todsy to see if that does the trick. My book says it could be several things.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

why do you want more money for an an answer to my question?

Sorry but I have no idea where more money came from? Do you have any way of getting hold of a fuel pressure gage to see what the fuel pressure is doing while this is going on? It sounds like either a fuel pump problem or a pressure regulator problem...
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