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Porsche Boxster: Hi, a hose of the ac system went broke, so

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Hi, a hose of the ac system went broke, so I replaced it and I vacuum the AC system but when I tried to turn on the AC system to charge it.... the AC didn't want to turn on.
1. Automate Climate Control is on.
2. No air - fan or blower doesn't want to turn on.
3. No sound on the compressor and no pressure in the ac hoses.
4. All the fuses on the fuse box are ok.
5. Porsche Boxter 2006 - 2.7
6. Durametric Scan:
AC Short Test Code - P 1632: Air conditioning Control unit no communication
Radio CDR24 Code- C182: Climatronic Can Signal Error Klima-x
AC Code - 8010: Fresh air fan motor upper limit value exceeded

So please I really appreciate any help......
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a professional here at Just Answer. I noticed that your question was not getting a response and thought I would ask to see if you still need help with this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes, I need help
If you clear out these fault codes and recharge the ac before turning on the vehicle will it then operate properly?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How do you charge the ac without the compressor help?
When the ac system is recovered after words a vacuum has to be pulled on the ac system with a vacuum machine that will connect to the ports on the ac system,usually once a vacuum of 25 to 30 inches is achieved then you can hook up the freon and the vacuum in the ac system should pull the freon in to the vehicle,then fill it to the proper level and see if it operates then.

If you are unable to do this yourself you may want to have a shop or dealer check into doing this properly.If there is little freon in the system when the key is on or engine is started it can cause fault codes to set and disable the ac from working so this may be what is happening here.

It's difficult to say for sure from here what exactly is causing this fault without seeing the vehicle and sometimes the best choice is to have a shop or dealer check into this to see if they can locate the issue if this does not correct the fault.

I hope this has helped,thanks Pete.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, I recharge partially the ac. and I turned on the car and test the AC.

I was able to turn on the compressor but the fan is still not working.

Low side 1.7 bar and high side 50 psi.... (Tomorrow I will charge up to the correct range).

Also, I reset the code and it shows the same. No communication with the climatronic and fan.

Do you think I should buy a new blower/fan or I should take out the current one and test it.... Do you know how could I test it?

There is no Porsche dealer in the are and pepboys they were a little scare on try.

Thanks for your recommendations by the way.


Its difficult to say for sure from here exactly what is causing the fan issue,this may be the control unit on the dash at fault possibly or even the fan itself.I don't have any diagrams to tell you how to test this fan,you might check in your local area to see if there is a shop that has experience on this model vehicle to see if they can check/test the fan and the fan controls to see which is at fault here so this can be corrected.I don't know of anyone in your area to do this so you may have to search around.

I hope this has helped,thanks Pete.
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