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I have a chey yukon , v-8 , 2005 , just started a couple of

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I have a chey yukon , v-8 , 2005 , just started a couple of months ago a slight ticking noise when i started it up and then went away , then did not do it for a while , then started in again last week only when i started it up and yesterday , did it a couple of time longer , then last nite i started it up and smoke came out real bad for about 15 seconds and stoped out of tail pipe , drove and sounded ok but left the store and started it up and smoked out of tail pipe again and stoped and drove it home about three mile and do not want to start it up again , checked the oil level today and its ok and no sign of water in the oil , could some one please tell me what there thoughts are and best place to take it maybe the dealer and what an approx cost might be.
can you tell me if the coolant level is full ? how many miles on this truck ?when it was smoking and ticking how was the engine running good other than the noise and the smoke?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Coolant level is full , 142,468. engine was running good could not tell any difference just smoke and ticking , smoke stopped after about 15-20 seconds and a little giving it gas from the stop sign.ticking is not real loud.

ok that smoke bothers me as its either coolant, oil or extra fuel. Since the coolant is full and the oil is full then either you have a possible fuel injector problem on a cylinder and that ticking most of the time is usually a lifter loosing its prime when it sits for a little bit and then when you start it up it takes a while for oil to pump it up this point with the oil and the coolant being full I would first go after that ticking noise. What you can do is go pick up a can of ENGINE RESTORE any parts store sells it its in a silver can add that to the oil. Drive it for a few days and see if that makes the ticking noise go away. If it does that stuff helps pump back up the lifters. If it does not help a shop will have to remove the valve covers and see which lifter or lifters are acting up. Also im assuming the oil pressure was reading fine so like I said I wouldn't worry at all about driving it since the gauges are reading fine and the fluids are full go after that lifter noise first
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