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Lincoln Continental: I have had problems with my 1999 Lincoln

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I have had problems with my 1999 Lincoln Continental with no fuel being pumped at times, thus no starting. Cranks fine. New fuel pump recently, fuel pressure sensor module replaced too. I have replaced several relays as well, one was the fuel pump relay.
When I swap relays, it starts up. Tried just removing and re-inserting the same relay, works then too..till next time. Had a suggestion that it was re-setting the inertia switch each time.
One thing you can try is when you remove the relay take a small screw driver like a jewelers screwdriver. Slightly bend the metal connectors in the receptacle so that when you install the relay it has a slightly snug fit in each blade connector. Some times the open up and loose connection causing the problem you are describing. Removing the relay has nothing to do with the inertia switch so I do not see how it could possibly be that...
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Your suggestion certainly makes sense to me. I will give it a try..hope I can access the receptacle. I can try a small screwdriver, tiny one I use to tighten my eyeglasses.

By the way, if this situation can prevent starting, as it does...can it also make the car die from lack of fuel? This has not happened...yet.

Also, can the inertia switch go bad and act up? I understand this is not the answer to my problem, but can it? Can this switch be reset, manually on the Lincoln?

Yes it can but most likely it would happen when power is first applied. Once started the fuel pump does not cycle.

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