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Saab 9-5 Arc: I have a 2002 9-5 arc, it was in a body shop

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I have a 2002 9-5 arc, it was in a body shop after my daughter hit a deer. She went to pick it up last night to return it to me and she said it "wasn't driving right". She said that the car didn't seem like it wanted to go when she stepped on the gas but once it did get going it seemed o.k.. I asked her if any of the warning lights were on and she said the chek enginge light and the gear box failure light were on. I told her not to drive the car and it is parked. There was no problemm with the automatic transmission prior. Wondering what youur ideas were as to the problem because if it's an expensive fix the car is too old to spend alot of money on.
Hello, I am Scott and I will be assisting you with your concern.

There is a term in this business called... "Body Shop Rot"
This happens when the battery is disconnected for extended periods of time, or if the battery runs low or dead as what usually happens when body work is preformed. Usually a battery disconnect, and normal driving from cold to operating temp through different speeds, braking and scenarios will help the shift points and "remembered driving" to return.

If that does not help, then a trip to a qualified shop that can reflash the PCM will be needed.

The reason I say "Qualified Shop" is locating a Saab Service Dept may be difficult at best.

Since GM bailed on them during the Bailout, since then, Saab Automobile was purchased by Spyker. Saab is now headquartered in Trollhattan, Sweden.

If you are not aware of any Saab dealers in your area, and it will usually be an independent "Import Sales" an internet search and zip code reference to you may prove successful. After the sell out, many new Saabs were being sold as is or with a 12/12,000 warranty. The last one covered in America was the 2011 models.

As far as service Departments, Saabs were diagnosed, from your daughters cars year, with a TECH 2 scanner, that is used by GM. So the programming should be out there, even at independent shops; however, we, at our shop do not have it, due to the small amount of Saabs we see anymore. That is why I recommend an Import exclusive repair shop if no Saab repair facilities can be found in your area.

First step, try the battery disconnect and drive after being sure all fluids are full and the battery has a full charge.
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