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bentley arnage: to tell if your bentley arnage shock asorbor

Customer Question

to tell if your bentley arnage shock asorbor actuator is working proporly is when you start up the car after car set for period of time you should notess the rear end of the car rising up is that right?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  porscheguru replied 4 years ago.

porscheguru :

I need to ask this without thinking I am insulting you but have you tried your technique with the door closed? Every air suspension vehicle I have worked on looks for all door inputs so the air suspension does not crush a door, lid, or worse, cause injury to a person. Try your technique but with the doors and all lids closed and see what the results are.

JACUSTOMER-3ey3874i- : Is that your answer?
porscheguru :

Many questions need to be answered by asking questions. I can not just assume this was done BUT I will opt out for another expert to ask as I need to ask questions before I blurt out a poor answer.

JACUSTOMER-3ey3874i- : Rip off
porscheguru :

Your physician will ask many questions before common up with a plan for better health. Just as the automotive experts here do. We want to gather as much information as possible before a final answer. I am sorry but that is how good automotive technicians operate.

Expert:  Wolfgang replied 4 years ago.
Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can. Quality research = Quality answer!!
The 2000 Arnage has a hyd/elect suspension. Is there any suspension warning lights on on the dash?
All the info you can give will help both of us out