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BentleyGT GT: I have a Bently GT 2005 with about 33000 miles.

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I have a Bently GT 2005 with about 33000 miles. I am recently getting , upon initial ignition, a warning light that instructs me to see service professional. It further suggests a low battery, even though the battery starts and functions just fine. There is usually something displayed about " vehicle leveling". Finally, I have recently had 2 instances where the entire car shut down electrically upon coming to a full stop. In all of these instances, the car seems to revert back to normal operation shortly after any of the above instances. It will start back up within moments of shutdown, or the warning lights will extinguish themselves . Could this be caused by the low battery, or does it need service. I had full service updating by an Orlando Bently dealer when I bought it with 28000 miles. These developments have occurred within the past 4 months, with the engine/electrial shut down most recently. Also, are there any competent Bentley techs in the Louisville Ky area. Thanks in advance. George

Eurocar Inc. : Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can. Quality research = Quality answer!!
Eurocar Inc. : On your Bentley you have 2 batteries. A starter battery and an electrical battery to run all of the accessories. Now there is a backup transfer setup on your car if the electrics battery gets low the switch happens and the starter battery takes over.
Eurocar Inc. : But it is not good because the capacity of the starter battery is a lot smaller than the electrics battery
Eurocar Inc. : So recommendation is to have both batteries checked out or replaced due to age of the vehicle
Eurocar Inc. : now your vehicle can be serviced at an Audi or VW dealer. Most of the parts are the same for your Bentley = Audi A8 = VW Phaeton
Eurocar Inc. : they have the same setup of electrical system
Eurocar Inc. : I would contact either brand store and ask them
Eurocar Inc. : If you need more info please ask. I'm a master tech for VW,Audi , and Bentley.

Eurocar, Do you believe low battery level could be responsible for these described issues?

Eurocar Inc. : Yes especially on the electrics battery.
Eurocar Inc. : Too bad you are not more north near Lake Erie because I would gladly service your vehicle.
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