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I have a 92 suzuki sidekick it has just started being hard

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I have a 92 suzuki sidekick it has just started being hard to start in the morning and any time it has a chance to cool down it starts to crank over then its kinda like the starter kicks out i normally stop cranking then try again and after a while i just keep cranking and it acts like the starter kicks out but i keep on then it finely starts after its warm it starts fine but cold it really hard to start.thanks vivian
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My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been working on cars for over 10 years.

I would check the fuel pressure regulator. It is located on the fuel rail. It is round, about a quarter size and has a vacuum line going to it. If the regulator is leaking gas than it can cause this problem. Pull off the vacuum line that goes to the regulator. Be absolutely sure there is no gas in the vacuum line. If there is, the diaphragm has ruptured and there is gas entering the engine that is not accounted for and the regulator will need to be replaced!

If this checks out ok, then I would suspect a bad/weak fuel pump causing this condition. Fuel injected cars are very fuel pressure sensitive. Fuel pressure is very important and must be within specifications! But if the pressure is low, it does not mean the pump is bad. A plugged fuel filter, a pinched line, and low voltage at the pump can contribute to low fuel pressure. All three must be check before replacing the pump!

A good way to check your fuel pump is to run an amp test on the fuel pump while it is running or while battery voltage is being applied ot it (turning the key on, cranking your vehicle or even when your engine is running. The amount of amps your fuel pump will pull will depend on how much fuel pressure your fuel pump should supply to your fuel rail. A good rule of rule of thumb for this test is as follows:

14 to 15 psi 3 to 4 amps

30 to 45 psi 4 to 7 amps

45 to 50 psi 7 to 8 amps

50 to 70 psi 8 to 12 amps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

would the fuel pressure only do that when its cold once i have run it its fine until it cools off several tonight i got off work and didnt think it was going to start but once i got it started it died about 10 blocks away and started right up.

YES.. it is possible.

Some other possible causes would be a bad mass air flow sensor, bad engine coolant temp sensor and or an air or a vacuum leak.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

couldnt find any gas leaks but cap and rotor are fried do you think that may be the problem

YES! Absolutely! If the fuel system checks out ok, then I would strongly suspect the cap and rotor as the root cause.

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