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Eng light on guy at parts store read code. Said cylender 2

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Eng light on guy at parts store read code. Said cylender 2 misfire replaced spark plugs,light still on. Replaced ignition coil,disconnected battery light went off , drove car210 miles nonstop, get to car store light was still off. Guy read code misfire cylender 2 pending. Started car drove less than a mile light came back on.
Having the code P0302 could be the cause of the following .

Spark plugs ,spark plug wires or COP boot.
Injectors .
Fuel pressure .
Compression .

Now with you replacing the plugs and coil we now know this is not your issue ,

So what i suggest you do first is check the engine compression ,if that cylinder is low then this will be your problem (Valves or piston rings )
If compression is good then check the fuel pressure if the pressure is good this then leaves the injectors swap over #1 with #2 and then clear the codes and do a test drive until the light comes back on if the new code is P0301 then we know that injectors is bad and needs replacing .

Need further assistance with this issue then please get back to me with the reply box below.

Kind regards Greg
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