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range rover hse 1999 v8 have trouble with central locking when

Customer Question

range rover hse 1999 v8 have trouble with central locking when driving opens and closes and some time when i lock the car it won't open again and immobilises the car and i can't start it or do any think sets the alarm on ,and then i have been playing with driver side door latch it seems to set it off.and work again. how do i fix the problem.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  porscheguru replied 4 years ago.

porscheguru :

It sounds like your driver's side power door lock module is failing and causing this problem. Through my research I have found many others have experienced this problem and replaced the latch module.

JACUSTOMER-otfseulq- : When the central locking us not working and u open with the key how to you demobilize the vehicle as the alarm goes off??
porscheguru :

I have heard of a pinched wire from the latch to the door exit area. But to fix this properly, you must replace the latch assy which is the latch/module. It wears more often on the driver's door as this gets the most use. So you are stating that when you try to open the door when the latch is unplugged, it causes the locs to act strange?

JACUSTOMER-otfseulq- :

no when the door latch is not working ,nothing works ,and if you open the door manual the alarm goes off and you can not stop it .and you can not start the car,or the back tail gate,to open ,with the key you cannot work the central locking,and after a while by tampering with the unit you get it to work again.

porscheguru :

So you are driving this with the door panel off? You seem like you have good mechanical abilities. Why don't you replace the driver's side door latch?

porscheguru :

Do you want me to help you locate a latch?

JACUSTOMER-otfseulq- :

no. i will replace the door latch or try to repair the switches and see how i go thank you.

porscheguru : Thank you and please keep me posted of your results.