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izuzu elf 4HF1/4HG1: my 97 izuzu elf 4.3 litre diesel truck

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my 97 izuzu elf 4.3 litre diesel truck is
getting very small amount of oil into the
coolant overflow tank.
it has done just over 200,000 km.
motor is still running very well.
where would the oil be getting into the cooling
system ? ? ?
does it have an automatic or a standard transmission?
do you ever need to add coolant?
tell me all you can
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

standard transmission.

never have to add coolant.

definately not getting coolant into sump

seems to be worse if I really push the vehicle hard.

It does not overheat


how long has it been doing this?
have you exer cleaned the radiator/resivoir?
how lonk before oil returns?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

been doing this for about 6 months (10000 kms)

cleaned resevoir (not radiator, it looks very clean apart from odd droplet

of oil that accumulates in top of radiator.

oil returns after 100 kms approx

there are a couple of ways for oil to get into the coolant..
1-the head gasket
2- the intake gasket...
i would think your problem here is the intake gasket letting very little oil into a coolant port...
my opinion here,,if it isnt too bad,,you dont need to wrry with it at the moment,,,,but,,i would think you may need to replace the intake manifold gaskets
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have beentold there is a oil cooler which is water cooled on the left hand

side of the block, would it be possible this could be the problem ie blown

gasket. appreciate your answers at this stage. thanks Tim


sorry that that went by me..but yes,,the oil cooler is posible also.....
i wsh i had some diagrams and pictures to send you for this engine,,,,for some reason i have none......
again..yes,,do check the oil cooler first
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