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internal88, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  I've been working with automotive industry for almost 20 years. I also have an engineering background. Saving one car at a time.
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What is the best make and year of the car I can buy for $10,000

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What is the best make and year of the car I can buy for $10,000 cash? When and where can I buy it? I live in Miami, Florida. Where can I get the best deal? What about auctions? I don't have any additional money to spend on repairs though. Thank you.

internal88 : Hello and welcome
internal88 : I prefer buying car from a private party because you can talk to owner and test drive the cars.
internal88 : i am not a fan of auction because you can not test drive it and you don't really know the history.
internal88 : For reliability reason, I have three choices for you.
internal88 : 2001-2003 Toyota rav4
internal88 : 1999-2005 Toyota Camry 4 cylinders.
internal88 : 2000-2003 Honda accord 4 cylinders.
internal88 : these vehicles are reliable and cheap to maintain.

We already have a 2003 Toyota Celica, which we can sell for $2500. Why would those older cars cost $10,000?

internal88 : These cars I'm showing you are all under $10000
internal88 : They range about 5000-10000

What can I buy for $10,000?


We are planning to sell the 2003 Celica and buy a newer car

internal88 : Rav4 and crv
internal88 : do you like these vehicles?

are they Toyotas?


I just want a newer car.

internal88 : how many miles do you have on the celica ?

Around 200,000

internal88 : Yes rav4 is made by Toyota .
internal88 : crv is made by Honda .

This is a car for my son, but I want it to last for 4-5 years at least, without major problems


I thought newer cars will give you that

internal88 : Ok. Honda accord maybe better for your son and budget.
internal88 : 2008 Honda accord - you could get that for 10,000
internal88 : this is going to be a hard find because they are in demand.
internal88 : the Honda and Toyota have high resale value.
internal88 : nissan Altima - you can find one for 2008 at 10,000 miles
internal88 : they are good reliable car too.

We have a mechanic friend with a licenst to Auctions. He can check the car

internal88 : I see.
internal88 : 2010 Honda civic is around 10k below
internal88 : Honda civic, Nissan Altima, Toyota corolla
internal88 : the above vehicles are 10.000 price tags.
internal88 : within the five years range.
internal88 : they are safe , reliable and fuel efficient

If the mechanic checks the car at the auction, we can save money, right? Or is it still better to buy from a private party?

internal88 : In the auction even the mechanic cannot test out the cars. They cannot test drive it and do testing on the engines.
internal88 : i have been to several auctions and they only let you start the engine .
internal88 : you can't test drive the car . It is a risky but you can get lucky in auction.
internal88 : I prefer private party because you can test the vehicle and your mechanic can hands on with the engine.
internal88 : i like to test drive the vehicle to test out the transmission .

O'k, and the last question. Where do I find the private parties selling their cars?

internal88 :, and Craigslist
internal88 : take your time and find a good one.
internal88 : also for private seller you can cutout the middle man.
internal88 : Key things to check: accidents, headgasket , transmission and the air conditioning.
internal88 : three big dollars components.
internal88 : Do you have further questions ?
internal88 : Remember to negotiate the selling price.
internal88 : you can knock down 500 to 2000 dollars sometime.

No, no questions. Thank you for your help. You've been great!

internal88 and 5 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
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