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Hello I am looking at painting a car in my garage. I am familiar

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I am looking at painting a car in my garage. I am familiar with body work but have never sprayed a car myself. I do have a rather large garage that has completely finished walls. I do not have a spray booth. I am looking for just some general advice tips and maybe things to be aware of going into a project like this. I do not expect a show quality finish but I am trying to do a good job. Any advice from an experienced painter that shoots in there own garage is appreciated. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for your question.

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Spraying a car in your home garage does have some challenges, but can be done well. I have painted two full cars and a firetruck in a garage setting and one truck in a paint booth. You will want to cover anything that you don't want to have paint overspray on.

Cleaning the area first is key. Use a leaf blower to blow out all the dust and cobwebs, then rinse the floor with water and let it air dry. You will want plenty of lighting . If you have only bare bulbs, get some cheap 4 foot fluorescent fixtures from walmart or a home supply store.

The final consideration is ventilation. If you have a window, put a box fan in the window blowing out and open the garage door a crack at the bottom. If you want to go crazy, get some a/c filters and use them at the bottom of the garage door opening, this will keep the bugs and dirt out of your paint job.

Sounds like you have plenty of compressor. I have only had a 20 gallon tank compressor and it worked okay, but had to be careful to let the compressor keep up. A decent HVLP gun and you should be set.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Any suggestions on what type of paint to use.

Paint choices will vary depending upon your budget,as well as how much time you want to spend spraying. Obviously since you are doing this job yourself, you must be budget conscious. Best results and longevity of the paint will be achieved with a base coat/clear coat paint system. This means more layers of paint to apply over all compared to a single stage paint. Adding a clear coat adds depth to the paint and UV protection. Either way, you will want to use a urethane paint with a hardener so that it dries well. You don't have an oven to bake the paint like some of the professional paint booths do, that's why hardener is critical.
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